try and warn you again, interior basement drainage system companies are LIARS

Yes they are, when they say what this knothead says in video, it’s a game, their game, it’s a lie, it’s a misrepresentation on what the homeowners actual problem and real solution is! ALL… to benefit…THEM!!!

“Replacing a drain tile system that is not working”

It’s actually pretty simple, water is FIRST getting INTO the blocks through exterior cracks or cracked parging or no parging etc on the outside of the wall(s).
Like this…
And so YOU, Mr and Mrs homeowner only see the water at–along the bottom of the foundation wall, where the bottom of wall meets the floor but it’s first entering through exterior cracks etc, yep.

Another example of homeowner getting LIED TO, ripped off with basement waterproofing…
What caused the initial leaky basement AND what caused the new cracks or widening of existing cracks were… exterior lateral SOIL pressure and possibly underground tree roots etc acting upon the wall so exterior waterproofing SHOULD HAVE been the ONLY thing recommended to homeowner, that is, if the contractor is experienced and honest!

Jack hammering the floor (which they did) to install the lousy piece of crap interior system could have also weakened the wall as the floor helps hold the wall in-place.

Say again, leaving the soil, the soil-----pressure against the wall and possible underground tree roots was incompetent as was taking the edge of floor out when an interior system was NOT NEEDED!!

How in the world does allowing further water to enter, pass through block, brick foundation walls and mortar joints, help the wall? How does installing any type of interior system stop water from rusting, corroding reinforcing rods in walls? Huh? CMON, it’s a scam!