interior or exterior waterproofing, which should you do

What the hlll is this guy talking about?!?!?

This is just more incompetent crap, nonsense, lies, call it whatever the fk you like

:15… he says, ’ i think the answer to this is, when you have a finished basement it is always best to parge the outside walls and, if you have an unfinished basement he says install an interior system and sump pump…’

And for now i won’t get into the half shttball job they show on the outside.

WHAT??? looolllll

It makes NO difference whether a basement is finished or not, period!!!
Fkg morons man!!!

What matters is, what is the actual problem, where is the actual problem(s) that allows water to enter the dmb azz basement!

If the problem is 1+ exterior cracks in a basement wall (or other openings/gaps in the basement wall such as gaps where a service line, like a gas line goes through a basement wall belwo grade etc) then the ONLY thing that will STOP the water from entering is exterior waterproofing!

If the problem (where the water is first entering) is ABOVE grade such as 1+ openings in mortar joints, bricks etc then THAT is what needs to be repaired!

If the problem is a blockage/clog in someones lateral line then THAT is the problem, NO need for an interior fk me system azz!

If the problem is a floor drain that was cemented over, then you need to bust the dumb azz cement out and snke the drain, NO need for an interior system!

If the problem is a leaking, dripping water line (some go through-into the basement floor) then THAT is what needs to be identified and then repaired, NO need for an interior system…and sooooo on!!

Find, identify, determined what the FKKKKKKKKKK the homeowners actual-problem is, leads any competent and honest contractor to the one and only fix!!!

Idiotzzzzzzzzzz. photos, click any photo to enlarge that photo.
Here’s an UN–fkme-finished basement that STILL leaks… an interior system was installed, homeowner out $15,000.
Apple-dude said you can/should install an interior system and sump pump in unfinished basements, well, there you fkkkg GO azz holes!!!

What did he say again???
If you have a finished basement it’s best to work OUTSIDE?
Well, looooool, what if the homeowners ONLY problem was 1 or more leaky rod holes? One needs to SEE the wall, remove a piece of drywall in order to see IF that is the only, part of, the problem!

Why the fkkkkkkkk would YOU work outside if a homeowner only has 1+ leaking rod holes behind drywall???

This leaky basement WAS finished… had mold and efflorescence on basement walls BEHIND the paneling click any photo to enlarge that fk me photo in order to see what the fkk I’m talking about, g dammmmitttt, idiotzzzzzzz man

See the CORNER, the wall? You do NOT see any crack on the INSIDE!!!
BUTT, g dammmittt, see the other photos, click the damn photos of the CORNER on the OUTSIDE, see the exterior cracks???

And hundreds of people call, hire this guy and others like him? Realllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly?
Well fk me.