Basement Only

i just got a call from someone wanting us to inspect the basement only. how do you all handle this? I quoted her a price & she’s ok with it. Her comment was someone worked on finishing her basement & they “screwed” it up. Could we come inspect it?
she also requested extra copies of the report - do you charge for that? just wondered. and you have them sign a regular inspection agreement?

it’s our first time doing only PART of a house…I’d appreciate any & all help!!
thanks so much!

Have the client sign an inspection agreement, and state in the agreement exactly what you are and are not inspecting. You are inspecting the basement just as you would in a whole house inspection, only this time you’re not inspecting the rest of the house.

Would you charge for extra copies of the report?
I guess what has me a little nervous is the comment about the contractor screwing it up…so she may be looking for lawsuit material. I don’t know.
but we’re good to go - it’s another inspection, just smaller square footage.
and no roof!

She may also be looking for code inspection?

Personally I don’t charge for extra copies, and in my agreement there is language that states that the inspector is not liable for mis-use or mis-interpretation of the report by third parties. I suggest you have something like this in your agreement for all inspections if you don’t already.

Part of inspecting a basement is looking at the things that affect the basement, such as grading and drainage outside. What about the overhead plumbing, assuming the basement is finished and you don’t look at anything in the house above, what happens when something starts leaking and ruins the ceiling? I think you could come up with a lot of scenarios like that. But the biggest is grading and drainage, the number one reason for basement moisture. I think you almost have to look at that.

Precisely why her agreement needs to be specific.

We are using the NACHI inspection agreement, i believe the verbage about mis-interpretation by third parties is included.

A contractor actually contacted my husband & let him know a little more about this situation. I guess the homeowner is already calling contractors to get things “fixed.” The contractor told my husband that the homeowner said she had someone who does construction “on the side” come do the work & now she’s not happy…so, we’ll just have to see what we get into. Some comment was made about expensive ceiling tiles installed improperly. This could all be a debate about cosmetic issues…I’m not sure yet.

Thanks for the feedback!!

so, i should change the agreement itself & put that we’re only inspecting the basement area? should I remove any line item, or simply ad that one?

I did ad it to the inspection agreement, that it is a partial inspection - I put the inspection and report is of basement area only, per clients request & made that in BOLD print with the date.

I’ve done some partial inspections and find I spend almost as much time as a full inspection.
I usually refuse them.
Your libility is the same, travel is the same, extra time to write cover your butt exclusionany clauses etc.

as it turned out we didn’t do the job - her first 3 sentences all contained the word sue and/or lawsuit. We were polite…and walked away.
Whew. that was a close one!!