Roofing Inspection Only

I got a call today for a roof inspection only (just roof).

She is looking for an official report. First of all, I want to send her an agreement form. Is there an agreement form just for roof inspections? I only have the regular home inspection agreement one. How do I create a roof inspection agreement form?

Also, she wants a report with photos. Should I use my regular reporting software and just use the roof section and delete all the other sections? Just wondering if anyone else has done this.


It sounds like a court case. I would and have referred clients like that to a roofing specialist or whatever single specialist is needed. YMMV


You can tailor an agreement to limit the scope of an inspection. Make sure you read every word of the agreement because you will likely have to CYA a lot of areas.

I have done this and I’ve also just done a word document with pictures. IMO whatever is easiest.


Good point, I haven’t done these for individuals. My clients have been business entities in these situations.

Appreciate the feedback. I think your right. Something seems a bit off and I think I will defer her to a roofing specialist.

In the meantime, I guess I should set up a roofing agreement like you mentioned Tony so I have it ready to go for next time.


We are all just humans. Politely ask her what prompted her to get a roof inspection to see if it’s something you can help her with. She may need an invasive inspection. Then you will know how to proceed.


Thanks Simon.
I did ask her when she called and she said that she noted that there were some gaps and that she wanted someone to go up and take a thorough look at it.
She was very specific with wanting an official report with photos.

By the way, its a metal roof that she has and I have not done too many of those.

Noticed gaps is just a “concern”. The question is… is this a new roof, new house, is she selling, what is she planning to do with the report? What is the report for, is she making a claim? 11th month warranty? what is it? (doesn’t sound like you know)

If you don’t know metal roofs, why are you asking about an agreement here? I’m confused lol

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Sounds like a Renter situation preparing for battle with her Landlord!!

I do these weekly here in Fl. The insurance requires it if the roof is a certain age to ensure it has at least 3 years remaining of useful life. Here is the Form I use and I attach pictures after filling it out.

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I did ask her what was her concern and why she is requesting a roof inspection when she called but did not get too detailed. I will keep that in mind for future.

See attached . This is a Florida form.
Citizens Roof Certification 2018.pdf (238.9 KB)


Off subject, but an important one…

I tried to find your location, even so far as going to your website, and NOWHERE is your location given! I actually had to look at your SAMPLE REPORT to see that you operate in Canada!!

IMO, that is a critical flaw in your Marketing! NEVER assume that someone who is looking at your website, or searching for an inspector is local to you. Many of my clients are relocating from other states or countries, and your phone number area code means nothing to them!


Thanks Jeffrey. Always appreciate good feedback.

My profile on this InterNACHI thing does show Ontario, Canada. However, I just updated my signature to say Serving Toronto. I will look into the other part you mentioned.


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In general, I always drill deep into the purpose of these types of requests. Often I learn that the caller will be better served by a specialist.
Last year, a guy insisted that I was the right guy to verify the anchorage for his mobile home for his re-fi despite my telling him repeatedly that I didn’t think so. So, I did the inspection. A few days later, he called complaining that he had wasted his money on me, because his mortgage company wanted a PE to do the assessment. When I reminded him that I had told him to confirm with mortgage company before I came out, he apologized for venting over his own stupidity.


Nothing unusual. I do up to 10 roof inspections yearly.
Call the client back to ask what this pertains too. Sometimes the insurer wants a professional report. Sometimes the homeowner has weather intrusion and selects the roof as the culprit, but you must find out more to help the/a prospective client. Sometimes it is not just the roof that requires inspecting.

If you do not have the specific skills to do that style of roof, explain your credentials and say think you. Personally, I do not refer.

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Thanks Robert, appreciate the info. Just another thing to learn from and get better.

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Be careful. I remember years ago I got a call from a guy for a roof inspection. He said he needed it for the town, and that the roof was brand new. Oh, and he wasn’t going to be there, and he needed it tomorrow. A little red flag went up when I heard that. I got down there and the roof was a horror show. Really poor quality work. Plus there was a for sale sign up. I quickly realized the guy was likely the seller, and a buyer’s inspection report had probably called out the roof in the report. There was no way I could recommend anything other than a re-doing the roof. So I called him before I pulled the ladder off the truck, told him what I found just walking around the house, and asked him if he still wanted me to inspect it and do the report. He cursed and hung up on me.

But did you get paid? you left out the most important info.

Good advice. It can be simpler and safer just to ask for a factual explanation and give a straightforward answer than to work from assumptions and surround a situation. In court, they just want to find out the facts.
Find out what she needs and why and then tell her what you can do for her.