Basement Systems of Michigan,Dave Simon

Ehh ummm DUHHHHH Basement Systems of Michigan, Dave Simon…
i suggest you call Ellen in Sterling Heights and get your az back over there and competently fix/waterproof the REAL g damn problems](,)](,)](*,)

Freaking morons attached some bulllshtt against part of poured basement wall (so water can continue to enter and run down the wall behind the stooooooooooooooooooooooopid bulshtt ya put up), and tore up a little piece of the basement floor, its so fkg INCOMPETENT! You also have a couple rod holes ya did that still leak, get over there and fix the problems CORRECTLY azz ho!!!

Doesn’t Nachi highly recommend these fkg T E R D S?

Pieces of shtt never told the lady her problems could have (should have) been fixed on the O U T S I D E!

Bubba, you ranting again?

After seeing and reading the pictures and posts Mark has made here over the years, he is the first person that I would call with a basement water intrusion problem down there in SE Michigan.

Thanks for sharing your expertise here, Mark.

Love your posts and info John. Keep teaching the truth.

Ask a boat owner where you should deal with water first, inside or outside the hull? :slight_smile:

Hey Larry,

If you ever met Mark in person, you would be even more impressed with his knowledge. He’s a hell of a nice guy too.

No doubt and good to know from others. He’s a great resource. You guys are fortunate to have him down there and I’m glad he posts here.

I hope you are well, Mike. :slight_smile:

The funny thing is, I’m not sure he deals with any other inspector then myself. Guess that’s because I reach out to hm with odd ball situations, that I’m sure he has an answer to. Things are going great here Larry, Hope you can say the same. Forget the name of the hospital up in TC, but my granddaughter was there for two weeks a few January’s ago. seemed like it snowed every day. How in the world do you deal with that on a day to day basis?

Life is good here, too.

It’s Munson Hospital…I hope your granddaughter is well now.

Snow…oh, yeah. We like it as long as you can get out and enjoy it. We also like heading south for a spell in the winter. :smiley:

:oops: Shucks men, tanks! :mrgreen:

No matter how many times i see this incompetent/fraudulent SHTTTTT, it just blows the Milkman’s mind eh, got milk?

This woman/homeowner and many others simply wanted the truth, the correct fix for a friggin fair price. Her husband passed, she’s on her own, trying to sell the place and was listening to home improvement radio show when the hosts highly recommended this smelly terd whom she called.

They lie/misrepresent pretty much everything as they did here, chimney chute leak. They tell homeowners alot of SHTTT including ‘there’s NO ROOM to waterproof this from the outside’. Gee, we found plenty of room slimeballs!@#!@#!@#
Almost all of them also use the lie, ‘Oh, exterior waterproofing doesn’t work’ and/or ‘Exterior waterproofing is too expensive’ etc.
Can’t remember exactly but this cost around $1,000 when it was done, i think it was less than that.

Think this was me, GOT MILK?

The Guy, the Deer, the Dog and the Bambulance

Nice guy? Not! Am a mean old SOB, and smell too! But thanks anyways Mike!! :mrgreen:

Knowledge on this-subject, not trying to be a smart azz or Bullwinkle mfr but, ok…i’ll go with that :mrgreen:

I don’t con, lie-to homeowners, never have n never will so The Milkman sleeps very well @ night.

Oh…and hope all you peeps are doing well!

Ummm, the dorky BBB now says, they are out of business/Basement Systems… they apparently started/opened for biz in 2009

Here is Dave ‘at’ Foundation Systems of Michigan…

So we learned ‘how to’ sell and install interior systems, did we ever learn how to correctly and honestly identify/diagnose homeowners leaks/problems… huh???

Gee whizzerrrrrrrrrs, wish I was a ‘certified specialist’… I guess that one of my problems, why Uncle Bubba’s phone doesn’t ringy-dingy