Buyer not told about leaky basement, moves in leaks soon thereafter

and not told about the waterproofing (pffttt not wateproofing really!) that was done in 2 small areas

the first 1:00 estimate, correctly n honestly identifying WHY basement leaks

and now an exterior view of job to be done

Day 1 side wall near back corner, by the way, if you had inspected this house/basement you would NOT have seen these corner cracks inside basement 7’ deep to footing, NOT from the dumb basement ceiling but from grade level down. Come hand dig and see how much fun you could have

so someone dug a bit of this area out before this lady bought the house, this is a weak, shoddy, rookie attempt at waterproofing

back corner

Day 2 front corner, what ya see OPEN? And see some efflorecence on bricks? :40 yeah

and another weak, shoddy attempt at waterproofing hairline vertical crack

day 1 clay soil to be hauled away

City inspector laughed and shook his noggin at this too, at the prior weak attempt of waterproofing and when i mentioned those who install interior basement drainage systems when THESE are the problems and why the dumb az basement leaks.

yeah yeah the guy is likely a good HI but wrong answer for efflorescence

solution he says… grading or gutters or both. LOTS of luck w/that

Hey Mark can you post some video’s of your repair work before back filling?

here’s a few, as i scrolled through some photos it hit me, i need to get more of what you asked for

those pics are couple jobs that were done about 15 yrs ago - all backfilled with 90 - 100% gravel

i’ll do a few videos on upcoming jobs

this corner n deteriorated blocks i remember using nearly three 50 lb buckets of hydraulic cement in phases before slapping on thick roofing cement

Thought it would be good to let some of the newer inspectors see what you do and why it’s important to fix it correctly.

Thanks, keep up the great work.

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Good idea Neil!

That’s what Mark does…fix it correctly! :grin:

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thanks gents!

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Ut, found one video lol

I love the cigarette for the added reality! :grinning:Nice work though on doing it right!

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ha Jordan! yeah 2 packs a day keeps the doctor away for awhile, then massive heart attack occurs in trench while my dumb az is hand digging (62) and my guys use me as part of backfill, a lil stinky but still backfill