Basement stabilization and waterproofing Jack of all trades

All due respect but, NOPE.
Loooong video, over an hour and some say I’m long winded lol

14:30 ish… horizontal crack he talks about… what about the step crack on the right, huh? lol

15:35 beams… well lots of luck. “STOP” wall from bowing in… really?

19:55 see corner, mold, step crack… there ARE exterior cracks in that corner…hello?

31:45 another horizontal crack, what… not worried about this one? Worried about the front but not the side? Just saying.

56:00 Says the water will NO LONGER AFFECT the foundation.
Dude, water WILL affect the foundation wall because you are not STOPPING the water from entering the block wall through exterior cracks, sheesh…c’mon! And again, MOLD will be a problem because you and many others are NOT stopping the water from where the hell it’s entering!!!

1:12:00 dug out about 1 1/2’… lokk at that loolollll. There are cracks, cracked parging further DOWN baby!!! And soil pressure and who knows, maybe underground roots can still ‘affect’ the stupid wall…ouchie.

Here’s a wall that’s bowing in… see the multiple EXTERIOR cracks, see the horizontal crac… DOWN LOW!!! looolollll

Same house INSIDE the basement
NOTICE when you look at the wall from inside, you do NOT see any CORNER CRACK but there are EXTERIOR CORNER CRACKS… helllllo!

Same goes for the horizontal crack DOWN LOW… just because they do not appear on the inside does NEVER mean there aren’t corner or other horizontal cracks on the OUTSIDE!!!

If you don’t STOP the water from getting into the blocks then the blocks and-or mortar joints can deteriorate, disintegrate, shesssssssssssssssssssshus

Per jack of all trades claim that beams are all that’s needed with the interior junkball system/video above, and that water will no longer affect foundation nonsense… here’s wall anchors and an interior drainage system previously installed, it still leaks PLUS, the bottom blocks are deteriorated, all for the LOW LOW cost of $23,000 … SHOULD have dug it up, waterproofed the exterior and backfilled with all gravel… and then, ONLY if the homeowner wants–has the cash etc, install a few beams. It’s the clay soil, underground roots that caused the problems! Plus there are EXTERIOR cracks in the block walls, water has continued to enter sheeshus man