John McEwen waterproofing video

John’s one of the few good guys in this stinkin’ scamming business.
:10 hairline horizontal crack in parging

:50 step crack in block foundation wall

…and note the TOP course of blocks = OPEN mortar joints.

Water can enter into the hollow block wall through all those but obviously easier/quicker through the step crack and top- open mortar joints.

The horizontal and the open mortar joints, I bet, were NOT visible when looking at the wall inside the basement, the step crack may or may not have been visible.

And so that is one way homeowners get mislead, lied-to, by interior drainage system companies and sometimes by city or some home inspectors and landscapers etc, YEP.

Question, how would raising and sloping the lousy grade repair/waterproof those exterior cracks and joints? Never happen. Water would still get in through those openings even if you raised n sloped the grade or poured concrete along the exterior, most certainly on longer, heavier type rains.
----Exxxxxample, had you walked a ROOF and there were some problems, some lol openings in the ROOF would you NOT tell them, not write the problems up? Would you tell them to pick up the roof aka LIFT the roof to give it a better PITCH? Huh? loololll

Here’s another video with a nice exterior horizontal crack along with a vertical corner crack etc… sometimes, repeat sometimes those thin hairline cracks as in John’s video W I D E N like this horizontal

INSIDE basement, same house…
:40… remember the EXTERIOR vertical corner crack?? Huh?
Well on the inside it is NOT… VISIBLE!
1:25… remember the exterior horizontal crack? HUH? lol
Ya don’t see that on the inside either… BUTT, the bottom course has deteriorated and slapping some mortar on the inside on the bottom course can sometimes mask the deteriorated blocks.

NOTHING ELSE would stop/solve this homeowners problems!! NOT an interior system and sump pump, not re-grading, not 59 mile long downspout extensions etc, no!

One more important note for those who incompetently think and tell homeowners to raise n slope the grade crap,
the grade has been RAISED n sloped at this house… did it SOLVE ANYTHING? No.
Had this been a potential BUYER and YOU told 'em to raise and slope the grade even more or pour concrete along wall OR INSTALL an INTERIOR system etc etc, then YOU would be guilty of …lol, NOT doing your job, giving them false and misleading information and if they called me after they tried your incompetent nonsense I’d HIGHLY recommend to them to get that inspection fee back or sue. Leave shtt alone when you aren’t armed with ALL the facts, Jack

Whoever came up with that BOGUS azz claim to tell homeowners, potential buyers to raise n slope the grade, re-grade etc and in doing that it will solve most leaky basements is an idiot, just like the Mickey Mouse CLOWN in the White House, feel me? No, don’t do that, you’d get slapped with a digging shovel.

Said the night wind to the little lamb, do you see what Bubba see’s?

Uncle Jack Nicholson

John McEwen great GUY .
about 15 years ago Cam Allen had him do a presentation at a Kingston meeting enjoyed it and learned a lot Glad to see he is still around .

Thanks for the reminder much appreciated … Roy

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Yes, John has written some good articles also on basement waterproofing.

Here is one of them; John McEwen

right on Gents!

How you doing Mark? Hope all is good. :slight_smile:

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