Basement Systems, Michigan, at least 41 homeowner complaints in the last 3 years

many homeowner don’t file complaints, no they don’t.

complaints include,
-mislead and pressured to sign confusing contract
-unauthorized inspections…
-waterproofing system did not solve saturated walls as salesman promised
-damaged driveway
-refused to honor supposed lifetime warranty
-unsatisfactory crawlspace work
-signed agreement for $18,000 waterguard system, changed our mind now they won’t refund $5,000 depost

Hey R Young and other INT system azz kissers, how PROFESSIONAL is this company screwing over many homeowners? Yeah, okay Bullwinkle

you are not an expert on this subject, should keep the yapper closed when you’re not proficient on this subject, bot nooo noooooo, yappity yap to unknowing homeowners leading them straight to crooks like these mfrs

You can count on Ayers Basement Systems to give you a stellar contractor experience and to always provide the best repair options for your home’s unique issues. We want you to enjoy your home the way it was meant to be enjoyed. I’ll keep them in mind Mark. They sound professional. LOL

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I grabbed that off their website Larry. :smiley:

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Yep, they sound professional…

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lolol funny shtt guys!

I got a msg that post ‘hidden’ community flags hahahaa