Macomb MI, homeowner was told he needed to spend $20,000+

Same shtt different day. Man what crooks, lying piece of shtt crooks…and they continue to get away with it, un----fkkkk-me—believable.

Interior basement drainage system scam. Another homeowner who ONLY leaks in one damn area!!! He has NO other cracks in his wall, no other problems yet these nitwits try scamming him out of $20,000+

My bid to fix/waterproof his only leaky area… $1,900 which includes saw cutting and breaking out about 12’ of concrete.

I’ll dig from Macomb to China for anyone too, i’ll put in a dumb azz interior drainage system and sump too…the real fkkking question is, do YOU need it!!! And the truth is 99% of the time, you do NOT!

Shtt even if he wanted or needed exterior waterproofing all the way around his house, it would NOT cost $20,000–25,000.

Attorney generals need to get off that azz and look into the business practices of these cons, come fkg on man.