Better biz bureau (is it really lol) complaint....

Shtt like this happens quite a bit…

These kinds of companies will bs people on/about quite a few things man, yep.

They OFTEN tell homeowners all/most of their problems are supposedly due to settling issues in order to sell them piers and interior systems.

Seems to these incompetent types LATERAL SOIL pressure, underground roots etc etc is rarely if ever THE cause, fkg nimrods.

Just like here, photos… interior system installed $15,000+ and some beams… and the actual problems were never thought about/discussed/addressed… taken care of!!!

And duh, some of you CONCRETE guys/contractors… wtf, where do you get the dumb azz idea that somehow pouring MORE concrete is the way to stop water from entering basements and NEVER seem to friggin consider the ADDED WEIGHT of that dumb az concrete can cause more problems!!
For ‘Gary duh concrete guy’…2 short videos, basement wall is bowed in, multiple exterior cracks etc

Homeowner in this short video says what? Everdry waterproofing in Michigan was the company he had over who gave him the bulllshttt and the 2 bids of $15,000 and $27,000

Salma Hayek… got LOTS o’ milk/From Dusk till Dawn