Grosse Pointe Woods, leaky finished basement some mold

day of estimate, inside basement… wtf did i say was the likely problems… HUH?

day of estimate now outside with homeowner, dug down a tad to SHOW her…

the job a few weeks later

Drain tiles have NOTHING to do with the fact there are multiple exterior cracks in the stupid block basement wall!!

Had there NOT been any cracks, cracked parging etc then the stupid basement would not have leaked NO MATTER the pitch, slope of the friggin grade… dream on.

Water, errr rain lol goes through those cracks n into the cores of blocks long before it gets down to loser drain tiles so stuff it, end the bullhstt for once sheesh k


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Great to see your posts again Mark!


I’d want Mark on my job with the wet basement…Yeah, I would.

But, take care of that thumb, brother: :grimacing:

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Thank you Joseph, appreciate most of you peeps here, yes sir!!

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real bad infected thumbster, cut the sob and couldn’t keep my stinkin’ hands clean = idiot lolol , Thank you man!!

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I dont know if they contacted you but I gave someone your number the other day

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Hi ya Mike, yes sir tyvm! She called, they had several INT system estimates ranging from $19,000 to $33,000, yep lol.

Right now, she’s only worried a bit about 1 lone 10’ ish area on back wall.

She does have about 5 other cracks in walls but she says they don’t leak. Builder owned house previously so he might have done some ext waterproofing, no paperwork but again she says no other leaks.

Walls are not bowed in, they’re in good condition, just some cracks and some rod holes… hardly $19,000++ to fix !! lolll same old shtt. Hope you are doing okay Mike, ty man

Rod Holes…so it’s a poured wall then. It’s unbelievable these companies want to install interior systems with poured walls. It’s bad enough they pull their b.s with block walls. I’m not sure how LARA isnt involved in some of this crap.

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too many who could help get the facts out are in-bed with the large interior system companies, like the BBB, like at least several local building departments including Sterling Heights lol, the media… who gets $$ from the advertisements from these system co’s, and some home improvement radio show hosts who also get $$$ from pushing these system scammers to listeners etc

2 short video, former channel 7 guy calls me around 2 weeks ago, says his friend in Novi (newer subdivision) has had 3 interior system co’s over for est’s on his leaky ‘corner’… poured walls. Again he only leaks at, very near corner… see videos lol.

i move a couple things out of the damn way so i can SEE the poured walls near the corner (see mold on back side of wood)

homeowner tells me they all wanted to install a partial or full Int system (of course lol $$$)

i ask homeowner here about the last estimate he received from Int system scammer

$4,500 or… $40

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so after previous night rain and most of yesterdays rain, called homeowner = Art is dry

$40 or $4,500 ? This happens all the time, oh hell yes it does.

here is the homeowner