foundation wall bowed in, leaks, wall anchors and interior drainage system

…house is for sale, lol, seller paid $23,000 for the wall anchors and interior system 10 or so years ago. It leaks because there are multiple exterior cracks, cracked parging on the exterior of wall. Clay soil and underground tree roots caused the cracks etc.
Seller says the wall has come in more since inside crap was done.

Many of the BOTTOM course (s) of blocks have deteriorated, where the vinyl baseboard was slapped on to HIDE, to conceal those defects, pffft.

Wall anchors do not remove any tree roots off wall, does not reduce lateral soil pressure against the wall, does not repair-waterproof the exterior cracks in walls hence does not stop further water from entering wall, deteriorating some of the blocks and joints… all for $23,000 10 years ago.

Could have done exterior waterproofing 10 years ago for appx $15,000… all the way around! lol It’s a fairly big house, lots of footage.

Note this… home inspector and realtor and potential buyers there when my old azz was for this estimate… home inspector said in front of all, Mark, it barely leaks if at all. Seemed fairly cozy with the situation of a bowed in wall that DOES leak, sheesh. I said to him, all due respect man but the interior system company lied to the seller… tried explaining to him that just because you have a moisture meter and it doesn’t tell ya there’s much if any water inside the blocks means… ZERO!
I said, they installed an interior system, they drilled holes in the deteriorated-bottom blocks sooooooo, the water that has continued to enter through the exterior cracks (existing defects) is diverted under the floor but it’s still entering the wall, the blocks, and helping deteriorate the wall, block-joints… hello?

Explained the causes are still against the exterior of wall, told everybody the inside system butthead company SHOULD have told the sellers that exterior waterproofing is a MUST, sheesh K man.

Then of course the realtor doesn’t wanna hear this lool, doesn’t want any delays etc, same old shtttt with many of them.

Gotta deal with, try n flush too many terds in the toilet… that just don’t understand this subject or don’t care to. Need to be sued etc for not wanting or caring to deal with a situation like this that will cost the buyer $$$$ to finally fix shtt right. Give the buyers all the facts, not your weak take on this situation… give 'em a chance to bid LESS if they want to bid on it at all, come on man.