Drain tiles aka weeping tile aka pfft weepers aka to me creepy dumb crap

if this exterior crack etc did not exist then they would not have been leaking in basement in this area REGARDLESS of the condition of the dumb az exterior drain tiles, creeps

ditto here

you got it wrong, have had it wrong a long, long time baby.

pic’s of a couple of exterior long horizontal cracks… efflorescence visible inside basement on the bottom courses of blocks, why? lol Because of the ext-cracks!

these leaky basements and the efflorescence was ALL due to the exterior cracks in block walls that needed exterior waterproofing and this is most often the case and not anything to do with some goofy incompetent, negligent, rookie azz idea that the exterior drain tiles are clogged/broken and the reason for leaky basement n efflorescence

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Keep up the great work, Mark!

I hope things have evened out for you and your work.

Best to you and yours on this Memorial weekend! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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struggling big time but thank you Larry, hope you and the Mrs have a great weekend!

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