Drain tile, drivel - to talk stupidly and carelessly

:15 mark, ‘Once they get clogged up your basement will leak’. NONSENSE!

so his way of thinking, his claim would go like this… IF any homeowner has clogged drain tiles ALL they need to do would be to replace the drain tiles, right? loolll YES.

don’t bother checking and sealing/plugging any possible deteriorated rod holes, nah! don’t bother checking to see if lateral line needs to be snaked/replaced

don’t bother sealing/waterproofing any cracks in basement walls, nah!

just leave any n all cracks and deteriorated rod holes… OPEN and replace those precious drain tiles, lol

Nah, basement wouldn’t leak from anything like this either, just replace the tiles huh

Nah,no reason to seal/waterproof around, under basement window sills or gas lines etc, it’s ALL about the drain tiles eh? === WEAK drivel

so all the jobs we have done ONLY needed new drain tiles huh lollll , didn’t need to seal/repair/waterproof any cracks, rod holes etc

others have erroneoulsy claimed all homeowners needed was to regrade, add soil n slope the dumb crap away hahaaa

suffice it TA say, my guys n i have then been very very LUCKY for over 40 yrs cuz we just about never replace any drain tiles, thanks lucky charm!

Ummm Cozy was very good, folla? ‘We must make the changes from the basic situation’

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You need serious help.