Basement Waterproofing/Pictures

Hope you people had a splendid Halloween and didn`t choke on too much candy :mrgreen: Halloween is a lil like basement waterproofing, maybe NOT as scary as some of these nit-wit inside system companies who are at least as incompetent as our President and members of congress:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Ok, enough of the chtt, back to proving why 90%+ basements leak and why inside systems and those who want to sell em to HO`s cannot/will not EVER stop/prevent water-moisture from FIRST entering and so also will not ever stop/prevent mold,efflorescence,termites and others insects from entering and…do not relieve/lessen soil pressure and roots that are on the outside of basement walls and can cause many cracks,wall to bow in…thats right. If this is already too much for ya to comprehend then go play with yer moisture meters, got milk? :wink:

…2 jobs in these pics

first in Royal Oak, most of problems on back wall and most of the back wall was done/outside before…was DAMPROOFED and backfilled with same-soil, not very smart.

Pics 7,8....see open joints? Look to right a lil,see the grade? some are BELOW grade, 
especially that horizontal joint, its open all along entire wall, adding more soil isn`t
going to SOLVE the PROLEM(s)

…many roots against wall, part of wall from back door to corner is BOWED in, uh huh, its bowed in due to roots and rock hard soil pushing against the wall. Yeah, exactly what these Inside-companies will LEAVE against the wall as they come inside yer basement and install a drain tile or baseboard system, usually with a dang sump pump, big deal! Like thats gonna stop/prevent water from entering WIDE OPEN CRACKS, like an inside system OR beams OR a wall anchoring system OR helical piering is somehow going to magically relieve/lessen the dang soil pressure and roots THEY LEAVE against the freakin` wall! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

I N C O M P E T E N T!

See how rolling/spraying on a thin amount of asphalt/tar AINT gonna last? See how they didnt use hydraulic cement in/over any cracks/joints,huh?
Can ya see how painting the inside of basement wall(s) w/Drylok-whatever
isn`t going to stop/prevent further water from entering these cracks/joints
…huh? Insects? Radon gas,mold etc etc…come on!

Can ya see how RAISING the stupid GRADE doesnt seal/repair/waterproof the cracksn joints, huh?
Can ya see how extending the downspouts 50 MILES away from the house
doesnt seal these same openings....chht, come on, the downspouts are ONLY diverting some water that is coming off the freakin ROOF!

MOST of these cracks and ALL of the OPEN JOINTS are…NOT VISIBLE
on the inside of basement, got dat? You cannot see most of the REAL
problems inside the basement soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…
ANY structural engineer, inspector,contarctor who ASSUMES there are NO
cracks and open joints etc on the Outside because they dont see any on the INSIDE hasnt a clue, lack of knowledge and/or is incompetent and
shouldn`t be voicing their rookie-opinion to anyone, dammmittt!

Raise a lil HLLL…Trooper


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please try again Mr Adair and let me know,can`t get my photsmart to work, dang it! thanks.


no Mr. here, he transcended years ago

gallery is up and runnin’

is that you with the Tats and that work implement

no sir, thats my nephew. Chtt, im an old man! Thankfully can still dig like a backhoe but am in the September of my diggin years…thanks man.

Umm John, maybe extending the downspouts 100 miles might do the trick??

Amazing how such clear and simple approaches to basement waterproofing are continually overlooked and put down in favor of ineffective methods which cost several times as much.

Mr Richard,

100 miles haaaaa!   hope your doing well Mr H

Hey, one more though for right now :mrgreen:

don`t forget, some of the same morons who bs you about inside drain tile systems, helical piering,wall anchors etc have accumulated 10-20-30-50+
BBB customer complaints just within the last 36 MONTHS…months!

compare that to some of us in-part crazy outside contractors who have zero/NO BBB customer complaints over 25-30+ years, thats 0 total in 30 YEARS. yep, today may be a Bud Light day :wink: