Basement window

What do you think is installed on the outside of this basement window, not only this window but the other one also.

Difficult to see, but my wag is… a deck!!!

I to believe it is a deck

I would say a deck, but just in case you should have went into the back yard and looked.:wink:

Ian, LOL, Wrap around deck and HOT tub.

Looks like a 2x8 joist so I would say a Deck also. I’m just following the crowd.:o

It was a deck. What was Harry, thinking?

What’s the problem, it’s to pass the food from the grill without running through the house. :mrgreen::wink:

Now that is planning!

No biggy, it wasn’t an egress window anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:


Your are right! But a person could have still could escaped through the window, before it was blocked. IMO

My turn! My turn to guess…let me see…I’ll guess it was a 1937 Buick. Close enough???

Buck, did you see this?: :stuck_out_tongue:

Underground Parking?

Seaside Dock?

A Pallet company?

Yes, why?

So where is the egress now.?
Did you write it up?

Up the stairs. Sure did!!! Just one of the millions of non-conforming basement, at least it did not have a bedroom in it,yet!!!

:wha?:…never mind.