Egress window leaky basement, gee i wonder how water is getting in

they bought this place not too long ago, the leaky egress window got worse as months went by + some mold on drywall, bet ya there’s more mold on back side of drywall… so what YA wanna do, install an interior drainage system and sump pump $$$$$$ ? lol = would be very stupid

what, raise and slope the grade? They tried that, still leaking

vertical drain tile in well? hahaha, go 'head make my day

‘Basement Systems’ installed this window well, so says the homeowners, add the homeowners told me they called them about leaky window and were told to f–off, hmmm, very professional stuff

am inside the stOOPid window well in this video, see scraper?

am doing a water test, first along the bottom…
and in this video along top corner and upper side.

here’s a quick look from inside the basement

Seller’s did not disclose any basement leaks, this E window… and were leaks elsewhere in basement

Bubba’s new house, nobody is welcome lollll


nothing there a 5 gallon bucket of flex seal a a half dozen sump pumps wont fix…I saw it on the internet…it has to be true…


I like the new place by the way…You don’t have to worry about me visiting…I’d never make it up those stairs…


haha…HA Jim Mc !!!