Home inspector, 'obviously this window is leaking'

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SLgoOZbg_TQ short video
Leaky basement window?

This is one way a home inspector could get into a tad of trouble…possibly lose their inspection fee etc, all due respect to him, don’t get my remarks all twisted :wink:

Ok so ya go into a basement and see what he sees…PANELING up against basement wall etc. Apparently one basement window has a cover on it outside.

…he pushes on baseboard…lol, and that means?
It means… NOTHING.

1:25 Pulling the carpet back helps a little, yes.

How about pulling the carpet back and eyeballing the wood, tack strip by other window and corner etc?

And so, BASED on that, he says-thinks the basement window is leaking #-o

Eh, the basement window could well be all or part of a problem, sure.

BUTT, it may not be either. POINT is, you cannot and should not tell a homeowner that its just a leaky basement window…you can’t SEE the basement WALL!!

Here, the basement window and ledge IS… PART, of the problem.
SEE??? lol

BUTT, that is not the ONLY problem… same window/area
http://picasaweb.google.com/101049034584960315932/BasementWaterproofing16#5442357846719317058 The basement window was allowing some water in AND some water was getting in UNDER the ledge AND, lol, some water was getting in THROUGH the crack in basement wall.
And about 8’–10’ away from this window and crack, there was another crack in basement wall near the corner

See what duh Milkman is saying? Jesus, just trying to help a good honest inspector keep his fee, the good ones earn their money! Also helps the buyer/seller…eh.

I’d recommend running a water test, for the window and duh basement wall…in order to show/prove the exact problem(s)…when there is paneling/drywall against basement wall.
And–or, remove some of that paneling, there certainly could be some mold etc on the backside of that paneling and-or on the dumb basement wall.

Most, likely all, interior basement system companies would NOT do any water test, could care less and ya know they’d tell all they need an interior basement system…right? lol YEP!!!

Just because 1 or more basement windows may have a well/cover on the outside realy doesn’t mean much…and certainly does not define/identify any-all possible problems/leaks. Hence, don’t make the statement that the carpet, rotted tack strips, stained floor etc is due to the basement window.
See THIS pretty often.

Crawlspace, crack in wall…

what, maybe 3’ deep…fruitcake sidewalk on exterior, pftt, remove that piece and hand dig it.
He injects it inside and is going to use carbon straps?
Come on. I would charge about $600 or so for this little 3’ shtt or, talk the homeowner through it if they want to save cash, sheesh, injection PLUS cost of carbon straps(s), really? Say again, these injections for basement wall cracks are not necessarily/rarely permanent and nobody should be offering any dang lifetime guarantee and claims as such, just more bulshtt.

John, I enjoy your posts, and learn much from them.

Please send me an email, I have a question for you that I’ve been trying to figure out for a year…

…done Mr. Clark.

Me thinks con-tractor should take a quickie flat work course in concrete finishing…:shock:

A blind man could smear the hydraulic cement like that using a snow shovel, and it would look better…:stuck_out_tongue:

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SLgoOZbg_TQ short video
Leaky basement window?

This is one way a home inspector could get into a tad of trouble…possibly lose their inspection fee etc, all due respect to him, don’t get my remarks all twisted :wink:

Ok so ya go into a basement and see what he sees…PANELING up against basement wall etc. Apparently one basement window has a cover on it outside.

**…he pushes on baseboard…lol, and that means?
It means… NOTHING. **

You are so off base.

John is now an home inspection basher. Like Mike Holmes and others I can readily name.

John, you are on a home inspectors message board.

You lost what little creditability you have with me.

Several members have been kicked of the site for doing what you are doing.
If you do not know how to narrate like a professional please stay off the MB or I will make a complaint to have you removed.

John, try narrating what the issue may be though what you observe or create a working hypothesis based upon the many working hypothesis you have created.

I agree the window in the narrative by the inspector may be suspect as to what is on going in the WALL ASSEMBLY but it did lead to a defect.
I load pressure on wall assemblers, EFIS,rock toilets, horizontally load guard rails, railings, balusters, newel posts, use IR for moisture and go way beyond a visually only inspection BUT maintain a non destructive observation.

The cause is suspect until the wall assembly is dismantled and we do not do destructive inspections without permission and a contract that is signed.

But let me say this, I have seen windows wells that are acting like a basin allowing no or little drainage. Once it fills with weather, snow, ice or water, the frame will allow leakage unless fully sealed.

When you become a teacher John the narrative will fail on your shoulders for you students, for they must be armed as EXPERT WITNESS TO FORGO ANY LITIGATION. This responsibility falls on you now.

I know you can be a teacher.
You expertise need verbal sharpening as iron sharpens iron friend.
Many here are more than willing to offer you support and knowledge, this is always shared on the InterNACHI message board.:slight_smile:
Just reach out and watch the magic happen.

But I ask you as a member in good standing, please stop the disparaging remarks at members and fellow colleagues. They are human, all trying to earn a living, all with families or mouths to feed and bills to pay like you and I. We do not live in a perfect society.

Best regards.
Robert Young

Mr. D in the house, how is Mr. D doing these days? :mrgreen:

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That’s right Mr Young…in regards to where the water is entering, pushing on the baseboard means squatola…hence, your off base on this subject.

[quote=“john_bubber, post:8, topic:84334”]

No sir.
This I will place a little wager.
If your are willing to take it up, just reply to the post.

The bet: You join InterNACHI and learn how to narrate the system you know well as if you were a teacher. like Kenton. Until then you refrain from entering the MB.

Another great post John.

[quote=“ryoung7, post:9, topic:84334”]

Say again Mr. Young, in regards to basement waterproofing and going into someone’s basement to determine, to correctly identify a leak aka, where the dumb water is actually entering, pushing against duh baseboard means zilch.

Pushing duh baseboard in no way, finds/locates/identifies how-where duh water is entering. If duh baseboard, tack strip is wet, rotted etc as in the video then…that’s all it means. lool Again, pushing against a wet, loose, rotted baseboard does not mean anyone has found, identified how-where the dumb water has entered.

Bubbamilk teaches on duh job, on job site…BEST place to learn, getting a good strong whiff right up front, over and over, yes sir.

TY Mr. Currins :wink: …obviously some don’t likiee Bubba’s milk thermos.

Mr. Young,

Don’t wanna overkill dis baseboard crap butt…another prime example

What if you go into this woman’s basement (she was getting water in between the crapper in baffroom and fridgie), should I, you, whoever have pushed the baseboard in order to identify the possible problem(s)?
You, whoever else can…Bubba won’t.

Here’s duh shttter, again, she was getting water in that would only be seen along bottom of wall/drywall/basement floor

Here’s duh baseboard behind crapper, should Bubba have pushed on it? #-o

Here’s duh fridge, right on the other side of the wall/crapper
There were 2 basement windows near duh leaking area, one you can see here.
Sometimes for some homeowners their problem may indeed only be an opening(s) around, under duh basement window.

Other times, its a 2 part problem, water coming in because of an opening under a basement window AND a crack in duh wall or leaky rod hole(s). And still other times like this house/basement, the basement windows were not any part of the problem/leak.

Some homeowners want to FIND the problem, have someone determine why-where they leak and on the other hand, some don’t. Some wanna call and discuss all kinds of crap wiff Uncle Frank, Auntie Em, duh Scarecrow and Toto. They’ll yap and yap about what ta do, who else to call etc

This lady wanted the problem(s) identified and then fixed correctly so I say to the lady (actually mentioned it on duh phone before going over there eh), with your permission i’ll cut a piece of two of the drywall in order to SEE part(s) of duh wall which should help DETERMINE wtf is going on.

So, here you see my dumb azz has cut off a couple pieces of duh drywall and lo n behold, what did duh Milkman find?

And… see the crack?
There were also a couple open, leaking rod ho’s just beyond where I cut duh sht off

And what is also on duh insulation?

She had B Dry out before my dumb azz. They did not want to nor care to remove any drywall (duh usual) and told her what would be best for her would be for them to install their turd-azz interior basement drainage system which would have cost her more than what we did the job correctly for.

And since B Dry and their interior water diverting system would NOT have stopped the water from entering she would have had a bigger, stinkier mold problem…eh.

If I had pushed on duh baseboard or, told her to add soil, play wiff the grade and all that other BULLSHT, would she have had her problems correctly identified and solved? Answer, a big fat NO.

Gilligan’s Island, radioactive vegetables

Gilligan’s Island, Mars camera lands on duh isle 1:00, What’s that big birdman doing to that little birdman? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xCEmTAqsPq0

Gilligan’s Isle Maryann, Dawn Wells, sugar sugar… got milk?

John go to school and learn talk English please.

Any one remember Joe T and others.

Welcome John to you corner when he slings your *** with out acting like a professional.
A foundation and water controls.
Yep a real mystery.

[quote=“john_bubber, post:11, topic:84334”]

**pushing against a wet, loose, rotted baseboard does not mean anyone has found, identified how-where the dumb water has entered. **
Well that good enough for me.:slight_smile:
I guess you should start teaching here at once then. Your narration is brilliant, the ability to post Google links, well what can I say. Defeated and there goes my ego once again.

I was all wrong.

Not really, but I will not pay any more attention to your babble as you demote members openly on the MB and God forbid anyone takes some of your misinformation to work with them.

I get heckled more for small grammatical errors you the Google paster get this.
Go figger.

All the best.

[quote=“ryoung7, post:15, topic:84334”]

There’s something amiss with you man.
Some of DUH slang here is just for a little FKG fun, got that?
Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesus K!!!.

You keep saying your not going to read my crap anymore, that your bored with it etc, yet you keep reading it and posting!!! Knock fkg knock, anybody home?

Say again, if you/whoever doesn’t want me on your dang MB, then off my azz!!! GOT ITTTTTTTT?

So, i’m posting misinformation eh Mr. Young…show my azz where.
Is Robert another HI who thinks he’s an expert on this-subject?
Are you Robert?

The google links are freaking photos of homeowners leaky basements and what was done to solve their problems and many of the youtube videos are of peoples leaky basements or fcg Bozo inside system scam companies who lie n cheat their way into jobs, you azz!

Go ahead Robert, kick me off your friggin MB, do it!!!

Go back to your TV show Marcus Welby MD, master dork