You see the strangest things

You would have to be really tall…


Wondering if the basement was added and/or the house lifted? I’ve seen some funny stuff like this over the years. Several times I’ve been in a crawl space and found hooks, nails, light fixtures, etc. on the beams… kind of gets my attention and I am perplexed at first. Then I realize the house used to have a basement and has been moved.


My WAG is there was a balcony or a deck installed at one point and removed.

Look at the siding over the door, it’s a different color.

  • Style and material type.
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To me, it looks like there used to be a deck, or something, there based on the unusual/off color siding just below the spigot.

Edit: See Kevin’s post above.


It’s obvious that is for watering the hanging basket of flowers…what is wrong with You guys…

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