Toilet clearance

Anyone have a document showing the standard for toilet clearances?

Found this one today. Realtor says he never heard of toilet clearances. I am looking for something to show him.

Thanks in advance!

A quick Google check shows 15 inches from center of the basin as standard clearance.

Robert, is right.


Robert is right.



Robert is right.

And if your buyer is handicapped, (or this is to become a commercial property) they (your buyer) will need it to be repositioned to 18" min. per ADA.

Personally on something like that I find it good to point it out to the client and ask if it bothers them.

Now you can point to standards if it does.

Steve -

Look in your copy of “Code Check”. It shows side clearance and front clearance. You probably went over this in whichever Home Inspection School you attended and just forgot where to find this kinda stuff.

Thanks David

That was what I was looking for!

Should have looked there first.

That was the diagram I thought I saw somewhere!

Been a long week.

Thanks again!