Bathroom Door

What is the mininmum door opening for a Bathroom?

Is there a specific code reference?


Thought this was easy, but only found door size requirments for egress in the IRC.


As far as I know bathroom doors can be 2-0 (that’s 2’-0").

ADA (Americans with Disability’s Act) is 2-8 (32") min. circle (W) of a door or stall door. “From a 25’ Sterrett Code Tape.”

Hope this helps. No code #'s on the tape just markings at every requirement with the requirement printed on it. Even parking space requirements.

$30.00 Great for inspecting ADA Code, but you need to have another tape measure with traditional markings to do any construction work. Too busy with all the markings.

Agreed 2’0" x 6’ 6" - 6’ 8"