Be very carefull when inspecting stucco houses!

Sad and very sad, that the Political B.S. and legal system would allow this scenario to happen. What is the cure??
Would it be possible, in a case like this that a few of the local NACHI inspectors collaberate and fight the legal arbitration or legal system as is now?
There must be a way to legally team up and defend this type of corruption in the Housing Market.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Thanks Marcel
I agree it is very sad .
Home inspectors ( me included) are all independent business people and we tend to just look out for our selves .
Until we can all get our selves looking further afield and start to fight back we will be squashed like a bug one at a time .

Roy Cooke sr

Guys come on over to the new forum at This website was started so I would have a place to vent. I have a bad attitude about all of this. I am not much when it comes to useing a computer. But I get by with help from my freinds.

Register and help get something done I would welcome the help.