WARNING: Scam artists targeting home inspectors.

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We are receiving unsubstantiated rumors that scam artists are targeting our industry, trying to recruit home inspectors to sell insurance for them, to other home inspectors. As you probably know, insurance sales is a licensed, regulated industry. I’m no expert but I don’t believe one can sell insurance in any state without a license. If you are contacted by any of these recruiters, please call your state’s insurance commissioner.

Here is a link to all insurance commissions: http://proagency.tripod.com/insurance3.html

Ted Bader, Chief Investigator for Washington's Insurance Commission will be speaking on this issue at our next Chapter meeting http://www.nachi.org/spokane.htm


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Not that it’s as bad as going to JAIL for selling insurance illegally, there are other consequences, which, though minor in comparison, should still be considered.

For the NACHI member in the middle of the transaction, there are ethical questions involved. NACHI COE Section A, lines 2,3, and 10 spell it out.

Further, I suspect that commiccions or kickbacks to the "selling" entity may also be offered. "A piece of the action", in helping to sell a bogus product or service, will land you in hot water with the governing authorities of your state, and with the policies and standards of NACHI. We're trying to HELP fellow inspectors, not always profit from them. So, bravo to Les Martin up there in Maine for doing the right thing.

In the case of bogus insurance or fraudulent and deceitful actions, it's not only "let the buyer beware" but, also, "the seller had BETTER beware"

Joe Farsetta
NACHI Ethics Committee
NACHI Steering Committee

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Normally garbage like this slides around under radar for years. I think the internet and an open board really bubbles the truth to the top.

Thank you all.