Becketts RWB Furnace age

I am new to the site (and to home inspecting!) Am I correct in thinking that the Becketts RWB furnace I have inspected today is 20 years old as the number was 010627-81685 ie the 01 is the year of manufacture or is it the 06 makiingit 15 years old?? Have looked on the Becketts site but could not determine the information I wanted

Do you have a model number please?

Thanks for such a quick response. Model number is AF11 150

Is this the numbers off the burner itself, or off the actual furnace? Any photos of the data tags?

Did you happen to get one of the data tag from the furnace itself? The burners sometimes get replaced. Becketts is usually the first 2 digits of the serial.

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No, I did look (very hard) but there was nothing else I could see and the furnace was actually working (in this hot weather - I think heating water for the indirect water heater boiler. Whole system was well maintained with records showing annual inspections for at least last 10 years

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There is an approval date of October 29, 1990 on the bottom of that tag if you didn’t notice it.

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Thanks Les - yes I did notice it at the time but assumed it was a design approval which would be prior to manufacture. What does the approval date mean then please?

Usually it is within one or two years of the manufacture date.

It should be noted also that you can defer on the age of the HVAC equipment when the date of manufacture is too difficult to obtain. I have stated; “Date of manufacture could not be obtained from normal sources” in a few reports now. I will accompany it with a picture of the equipment and the data tag and recommend the client contact the manufacture is they so desire.

Many thanks - think is the way forward!

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This why I state Approximate age in 5 year increments

Tim. You call this a furnace but note that it is heating water. Sounds like a boiler to me. I guess it can be referred to as a furnace but in my experience heating appliances that make hot air are called furnaces and those making hot water or steam are called boilers (feedback on this is welcomed).

Get model no and serial no off of the data plate (usually inside the unit) and go to the building intelligence center online to look up date of manufacture. Great resource. Make a donation if you can.