Become an InterNACHI Certified Mentor

Become an InterNACHI Certified Mentor

This is a new certification logo for InterNACHI Certified Professional Inspectors® who want to become a mentor to InterNACHI members.

Sign me up.

I’m in

im always willing to help

Is this just another boy scout merit badge, or a program to transform 90 day wonders into real Home Inspectors?

Are mentors going to provide “how old is this HVAC unit?” when;


How about:

or the rest of what they should already know…

property boundary lines or encroachments.

the condition of any component or system that is not readily accessible.
the service life expectancy of any component or system.
the size, capacity, BTU, performance or efficiency of any component or system.
the cause or reason of any condition.
the cause for the need of correction, repair or replacement of any system or component.
future conditions.
compliance with codes or regulations.
the presence of evidence of rodents, birds, animals, insects, or other pests.
the presence of mold, mildew or fungus.
the presence of airborne hazards, including radon.
the air quality.
the existence of environmental hazards, including lead paint, asbestos or toxic drywall.
the existence of electromagnetic fields.
any hazardous waste conditions.
any manufacturers’ recalls or conformance with manufacturer installation, or any information included for consumer protection purposes.
acoustical properties.
correction, replacement or repair cost estimates.
estimates of the cost to operate any given system.

Are Mentors going to be band from spreading Old Wives Tales about things like Stablock and Zinsco electrical panels? Determining efficiency of HVAC with a dry bulb thermometer? That temperature readings in a Thermal Imaging Scan is of no concern? And of most importance, refrain from taking wild-*** guesses on questions from Inspectors like “What is the make and size of the Blue HVAC unit?”!

Will it be a requirement for a mentor to memorize the Standard of Patrice and Code of Ethics which pertain to the majority of the questions on this MB (and no one wants to read)? Will you review all the posts of Mentor Applicants to insure their proficiency in subject matter?

Are we getting our hopes up too high?

I’d like to help. Let me know what is needed.

Sign me up as well

I can do 203K help, if there is an interest in that.

Sign me up Ben. Always willing to help new and old.

People really need to read things before posting.


Do not attempt to call InterNACHI until you have first emailed Please include “InterNACHI” in the subject line. InterNACHI staff does not monitor the message board, so posting a request on the message board will not result in action by InterNACHI.


I have been mentoring for quite some time now already. People ask and I help. No changes needed here :slight_smile:

But now you get a sticker to put on your website!

Excellent Doug!

You’re the first person to post that deserves the merit badge! You actually read the instructions.

You have proven my point. There are a vast number of inspectors that do not read (the inspection standards or code of ethics) yet think they can mentor someone.

You must pay attention to detail before you can teach.

Still waiting for some sort of reply with an explanation of where this is going.

Woo Hoo. Certified Mentor Inspector.

Another CMI designation… :roll:

Mentoring is going to be (and has to be) a bigger and bigger part of InterNACHI. It’s just good for the industry. It’s good for the new inspector of course, but also the company that is offering the mentoring (especially as more inspection companies become multi-inspector firms). It works really well in other industries: Law firms, plumbing companies, professional sports, etc.

I agree!

This is a dire necessity in this industry which is operating haphazardly in spite of itself.

How do you plan to implement?

I think its a great idea Nick. Ive rode with some experienced guys and it was very beneficial. It has the potential to help many new inspectors. Now if you can find any of the old guys that are not dried up old fools with chips on their shoulders, and think they are the only one capable of doing a quality inspection. Finding any on this board may be tough.

I and many others have received plenty of help from many inspectors on this board.

All mentors should also be prepared to deal with the snowflake generation that can’t seem to be able to follow directions (like fill out your profile before using the message board)…

If you examine the facts, there are more inspectors that are incapable of doing a home inspection then inspectors that can.

Inspectors that can’t follow directions should shut the fark up until they learn how.

Maybe some people did fill our all that info, but pulled it after seeing they want nothing to do with this mess. Ever think of that?

While of the topic of following directions, have you read this?

If you are replying to a member in need of help, please don’t bash your fellow member for asking what you might think is a “dumb question.” Protecting consumers is the goal of this tool. In the same way you wouldn’t want to use a fire extinguisher as a sledge hammer, because others might need that fire extinguisher, don’t misuse this tool. Some members, (not necessarily newbies BTW) need fast technical help from time to time (I sure needed it when I was a home inspector). We want to make these members feel like they’ll get that technical help here without being berated, told how dumb they are, told that they should “quit the inspection business”, etc… so that they feel welcome to seek the help they need, here, when they most need it.

Its from the emergency forum if you dont recognize it. Either you have not read it, OR, you just choose not to follow directions.

Dont matter either way to me. Nothing here Im interested in. Carry on.