Want less inspectors, Consider mentoring!

I was thinking about this and I have mentored about 7 guys in the last few months. Actually they rode with me for a day or 4. Whatever they wanted. I think about 5 of them decided not to get into the business. I think once people see what it takes to do an inspection properly, they will most likely bow out.

I think their ideas of grandeur and self employment may wither away when they see you have to be a diplomat, computer guru, inspection knowledgeable, GPS, problem solver, know the technical jargon, fire stopper and have a great command of the English language and how to use it properly.

I think once they see what its really about, they may decide its not for them.

Maybe mentoring can serve dual purpose…educate those who want in, and show those what it takes and I think many will bow out. Who knows? Just typing out loud.

I have mentored 11 inspectors so far. I finally hired the last one on to my own company after about two years of mentoring. Most do not make it through the first ride along. It takes a special person to handle this kind of work. This inspector is doing so well, he might wind up with my job in another 10 years.

My head classroom educator said out of the 30 students present only one on average would become an inspector and that did not include rate of failure .
Wonder who made it? :slight_smile:

Just kidding as he actually pulled me to the side and said I would be the one who made it.Might have something to do with me driving the instructors crazy.Ha ha.I just had to argue with them and could not help myself.

Good viewpoint.

I have turned down many ride along requests due to the amount of time it would take to do it right. I would want to discuss most of my thought process as opposed to just the problems found. I think a new guy could think its too easy if they did not realize the total information overload that we have to process every minute on site. The POS houses are a lot of work but the nice expensive houses with major problems are frequent also so a new guy would need to watch on several different types of houses.

Bruce, that is exactly what I was thinking. Sometimes when I am explaining something to a client i find myself being like a information computer and downloading 25+ years of knowledge and hands on experience to describe everything they ask. arggg It is like an information overload at times.


Hey, any idiots out there want to start an inspection association?

InterNACHI is offering free mentoring so that you can see how much work we have to do to operate at this pace: www.nachi.org/whats_new.htm


What are you trying to say Nick? That we’re being too hard on you? :shock::wink:

I would love some info on starting a message board like this one. Just send it to me by email. :smiley:

My experience is similar to Russell’s. I see these little associations pop up every couple months, draw in a few members, then end up being a shell website. It might be easier if they first visited InterNACHI and saw first hand how much work goes into keeping an association moving forward. InterNACHI’s staffers make it look easy… maybe too easy.

Actually Nick I do see a total failure in the organization in my eyes. Your benefits are so many that it is actually hard to find them. Can a benefits area be set up and then maybe catagorized? I just learned I can send you my reports and someone with knowledge will read and critique them and send them back for the huge price of…well FREE. But this one of hundreds, it just hard to find the ones I need, when I need them.

Make sense?

I totally agree with Russ. Newbies are always asking me where to find certain benfits. I am sure I am not aware of them all either.

NACHI has Great benefits But the pie is only so big .
Cut it in to smaller slices and make less money .
This industry can only support x number of Inspectors .
To large an Increase means more get out as they can not make a living .

If that is what you call categorized, I bet everybody is glad you got Lisa running the office.:wink:

I sure am.

It is very difficult to navigate to find what you want at this site.
More members including myself go to other sites where finding what you need for answers is faster.
The answers or info may be here but a better navigation system is needed.
Result would be more page views and even higher rank.

I agree Bob. I basically gave up trying to find anything here except the MB and CE courses a long time ago. Even the search tab at top of message board needs some tweaking.

The benefits, particularly the on-line education is such a great resource that, through the kind participation of Nick, we have arranged that any member of ACHI who is not already an member of NACHI is eligible for a FREE membership in this organization.
We at ACHI feel that every new inspector should be a member of NACHI in order to benefit from the industry’s premier on-line education resource.

On behalf of ACHI members and new inspectors across Canada;


Once again NICK shows all how great NACHI is .
His open above board no secret methods sure show up the other associations .
Good for ACHI is good for NACHI , and great for the Canadian Inspector .

Why are they FREE?