Bedroom Egress and Code

Do all bedrooms require fire egress? I’m working for a entity that must provide employee housing (as there are no other options). Half of the rooms they provide are tiny, closet-like rooms without windows or emergency exits, both on a first floor and a second floor. This seemed off to me, and when I inquired, the fire chief of the operation said that it is a commercial building, so egress windows are not required. The only purpose and use of the building is residential, regardless of the alleged commercial zoning. Is this legal? We have no choice where to live, and I do realize that there is a choice of where to work. I just want to understand my rights better as this affects more than 40 people that don’t have access to emergency exits if there is a fire in the hallway. It may also be of interest to note that this is US federally funded and provided housing.

Thank you again, I look forward to your response!

Its best to call you local housing authority.

The local fire station may also be able to fill you in.

Some things never change Like Mike says, check with the local authority, including the fire department. Re commercial buildings, your employer’s fire guy may be right about that, because I betcha there is also a rule that says commercial buildings cannot be used for for sleeping unless its a hotel :slight_smile: