bedroom quection

basement bedroom, no windows, 2 doors…what to you make of this???

Is one door directly to the outside. If no, then it needs a means of egress/ingress not to mention the lack of fenestration/day light.

No windows is also not acceptable for a legal bedroom.
The door must be on the same level and provide direct access or escape outside.
Widows need to be .35 meters with no demension less than 380 mm, but please remember this only applies to the new codes in Ontario.

You could get some grief for this LOL

Ok I must agree that is funny.
Stupid predictive test.

The Ontario building code is a derivative and provincial flavour of the National building code. The same applies.

Even funnier that it did it twice on you Kevin. It catches me out regularly.

I should not test opps tax opps taxi. OK I give up now what word was Iooking for. LOL

I just callED Patrick Massie from PMIR Inspection services.
I am sure that Please Note in red is just an oversight by Patrick. We all get caught up in daily life.
He was busy doing an inspection and forgot to renew his membership.
I will call him back tonight.

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