Belize Chapter of InterNACHI forms.

Werner Reichenberger, President.

Thanks Werner!

Congratulations Werner…!

Nice meeting you in Breckenridge, I’ll be at Belize next month.

NIce can I go :slight_smile: Pretty area with great fishing from what I hear :slight_smile:

Belize was one of our stops on a cruise a couple of years ago. The clearest water you will ever see.

I’ve been thinking of going there on vacation. Maybe I could set up a meeting with the local chapter and write off part of the trip!:cool:

Its time for INACHI to get a shirt that says “You better Belize it”. They have them for everything else there.

as did I, snorkeling was great, also the mayan ruins were cool too!

Congratulations Werner and Ursula! Best of luck in your new home with your new business.

Why “part of the trip.” Make Uncle Same pay for the whole thing… :wink:

You are correct!

just got back from Ambergris in February. might consider a move when i retire.

Is this chapter still in existence?

Oh wow.

My late grandfather lived in Belize for many years. I used to visit often when I was younger.

Oh how I miss the Rum they make down there (and don’t export). And I miss stewed chicken with rice and beans.