Ben Gromicko & Mike Crow to Join Nick Gromicko at January 21 & 22 Chapter Mtg.!!

We are so excited to announce that Ben Gromicko and Mike Crow will be joining Nick Gromicko and the rest of us on Friday January 21 for the first day of our Insurance Inspector’s Chapter meeting!=D>

Mike Crow is the Founder of the Millionaire Inspector Community. He will join us Friday morning and share with us some of his secrets that will help you BLOW YOUR COMPETITION AWAY!

This event is going to be packed full of great information. Registration IS limited don’t miss out! Register Today!

Register Here:

Cool - I’ll be there!

If Meeker and Burkeson both decide to show… Will you be adding entertainment to the venue.


The funny thing is I was thinking about it just a few minutes ago in the shower.

I went to the home office and was about to check my calendar and tell my wife about it and I saw the last couple of posts.


I think I may go to day one. What do I need to do to register. Do you have a itinerary for both days?

Hey Mike!

We are still firming up the details but I can tell you this so far:
We will start Friday with Mike Crow and then we will have Dr. Gary Rosen speak about Chinese Drywall, The afternoon will be dedicated to Ben and Nick Gromicko. As we get closer I will be able to provide more specific details.

Day Two - will be chapter elections, and discussion of current agenda items such as, peer review, mentoring, education & FREC accreditation, NACHI NICKELS, AND OF COURSE a discussion about politics and our FUTURE.

Lunch will be catered on Friday… We would like to have an event Friday night for everyone to socialize or perhaps have a Boxing Match :twisted: (LOL)… but, that could be an additional 10/person… IF YOU ALL ARE INTERESTED??? LET US KNOW???

Also to register just go here:

As long as the extra $10 per person goes to the winner. :smiley:

What is the cost for day 1 ?

It is $20.00 to register for day 1. Day 2 is FREE :o)

The extra $10.00 is just a thought… perhaps catered dinner and a keg… but… prize money is pretty funny!!!

Ok I will see if I can find that flak jacket I have somewhere.

Thanks for the info.

Heck I’ll take bids for who ever wants a piece of me. I may take a whooping but then I could take a nice long vacation.

Thanks Michelle I’ll see you there, can only make Friday unless there is really a boxing match set for Friday night…my money is on the active contractor! (-:

Im in for full contact, MMA rules

I’ll go a round with Jerk Joe B. — Of course it won’t be a full round so don’t don’t allow a lot of time for it ! – Maybe round one could just be verbal abuse and cuss words via computer chat — Round two might involve evil contractor tools against a wining inspector fully outfitted with a mt-6 and a Fluke Infrared gun.

You would probably have to take a number for that line.

It would be longer than my line for sure.


Who knows where this will lead. :twisted:

But if your ever in Riverview look me up.

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