I'm looking for inspectors to hang out with on Friday night (21st).

Plan on sticking around after the chapter meeting, if you can.

I already figured you’re buying the 1st round.

I’m sure we will all be hungry for something other than Oatmeal!

Ought be a few ConSpectors™ to choose from… Got Nails? :mrgreen:

I would be happy to meet all, even those that do not know how to swing a hammer.:mrgreen:

We could go to dinner, somewhere and sing Kumbayah

The contractors say, “If you can not fix it with a hammer, you must have an electrical problem.” :wink:

I look forward to meeting fellow Inspectors will be honored to meet you Nick

looking forward to meeting you all, see you then.

Jerry, you gonna hang with the party manimals?

I thought it was “when in doubt caulk it”

only on plumbing, siding, roofing. :twisted:

YES I am…
It’s about time I get off the porch & run with the big dogs! :twisted:

your mixing it up with the tile guy “when in doubt grout”

Mud slingers cover it, “make it look right”

Hanging with Nick is quite entertaining.

First rule in construction… if it doesn’t fit- force it. Works with everything but glass. Nick is a brave man or crazy.

Man, I would love to but the cub scouts are camping out that weekend and I promised my kid I would be there. It’s going to be a long day for me.

Go camping with your boy. My boy is an Eagle Scout.

I have personally known 3 eagle scouts. 2 of them were generals in the army and the other a multi millionaire. Not a bad tack record.

Congrats Nick that is a quite an accomplishment. You must be very proud and rightfully so.

I was a scout too…though i didn’t get far. (a product of the 70’s). but I do have some fond memories of all the hikes, campouts, etc.

As soon as Joey was old enough I enrolled him in. He’s a Weblo 1 now.

Known a few Eagles myself…real go getters. We have an Eagle Scout in our troop that’s 16. Works with the boy’s constantly.

Congratulations !!!

How many people are coming?