Best Cell Phone Provider-Poll for G. Porter

You choose who my new cell phone provider will be. We are with Sprit and my wife wants the Blackberry Curve. Attached is her network of friends. They hate dropped calls.

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I found my “Fave 5” :wink: :twisted:

Alltel is the best. I have the blackberry and it is great. I can also use it to go online with my laptop for just $10 a month. The customer service suck with all the others. I swore I would not give verizon another penny of my money a few years ago. I also had at& t several years back and dropped calls all the time.

I wouldn’t want to argue with that circle of friends Gary…Alltell works for Me…I had verizon for years but after the last move i could not get it to work in my home or office unless I was outside…that was a bit inconvenient…jim

Your probably going to get a mixed bag of comments. Certain providers have better coverage in different areas of the country. I had Verizon at first, but then one day I couldn’t get a signal at my own house. Which wasn’t good since I use my cell for everything.

I then switched to Cingular/AT&T and haven’t had any issues in over 2 years. I’ve got a Blackberry with the data service and love it. Never a dropped call or weak signal or problems with billing. Plus I get to surf the net while stuck in traffic. :slight_smile:

I like Alltel, too.

Joanna, how does that work? USB plugin to connect?

i just switched from AT&T to alltel. I like it much better.

I have not had a cell provider yet that I did not have problems with. I use AT&T because of the better coverage area. They are a pain to work with too.

Alltel is where it’s at!! It really is.

I’ve had Sprint for 8 yrs. Early on had problems, but can’t complain now.

All our family and friends have AT&T. We talk for free between each other. No Problem!

Anything but T mobile.

I have had Nextel thru Sprint and must admit they have gotten better.

They will be introducing the Instinct phone which is rated higher than the I phone, so I am holding out for that next month.

I have T-mobile. Coverage is decent and I get 3000 minutes / month for $39.00. Can’t go wrong with that.

I had singular ATT for years no problems very infrequent dropped calls then came the buy out All-tel took over the singular part of ATT network here and my service changed without my consent. Their service sucked dropped calls all of the time so we told them to stick it where the sun does not shine and got back with Mother ATT they have the best and largest network in my area.

Oh BTW I would like to be part of the circle of friends depicted in the pic I am wired for 2 20’s Errr Volts that is:D

Alltel, with circle of friends, this coming November I go to 21, forget Version and T-Mobile, my 2 cents worth.

Where’s Alltel in the Poll? They offer the most

Todays paper had Verizon listed as most customer satisfaction.

You don’t believe everything you read in the paper do you!? :stuck_out_tongue:

I believe everything I read in the obituaries and sports columns.