Best Defect Picture for the Month of April II

Put your votes in for Best Defect Picture, anything goes on this one so I will post them all for a vote. :slight_smile:

I hope no one turns this light on.
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single car attached garage ceiling
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Those pics are too easy… this defect would break the bank to fix, and are the kinds of defects to be concerned with. :grin:
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One of many horror stories from recent inspections.
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Inspecting Norfolk and Hampton Roads

One side looks ok but the other side (south) is a mess. Notice something missing? Garage is 6 years old. Taken on April 3rd 2012
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Lint stalactites:grin:
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I felt uneasy being in this crawlspace. Client wanted to know why there was such a large slope to the floor.
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Checkout the balconies on the right side of the house.


Self insulating crawlspace. It’s all the rage :razz:


This column has 4 bolt holes, in the picture you see2 BUT you need to know those 2 are only finger tight as I found them on the floor and put them there, thus there really is NO connection between the col um and the beam.:shock:


These are some great pics! Let me add a couple more. I was at this 2 1/2 storey home this last Monday. The main beam is undersized and compressed and the supporting columns are rotted.

If you can’t see it clearly, a wine barrel is holding up the main beam in the home. The only way I can imagine them doing this is by first drinking all the wine and then trying to figure out a way to support the home.

Choose the best pic, it don’t take long to vote. :slight_smile:

it is not painful either…

What category is this for Marcel?

EDIT… Oops… okay I see now… “Anything goes”. I thought it may have been the “January make-up” poll.

It will be used as the January make-up poll Jeff.
Did want to confuse all again by running a Jan. Poll in April.

Although some will still be confused like me sometimes with all these pictures and errors on my part.
Ah well, it goes as it goes. :mrgreen::wink:

No one interested in voting?

Just saying. :slight_smile:

This Poll closes in a couple of days, so a few more votes would be nice. :slight_smile:

I have to admit, as shocking as the defect is in pic #9, I really like the “wine barrel” in pic #12 for originality! :mrgreen:

I have to agree, I have seen many uses for potatoe barrels up here, but that one is original.
I had a barrel making manufacturer near my home when I was a kid. Never thought it could be used to support a house floor. :wink:

terrible waste of a perfectly good wine barrel imo…

I am assuming it it was filled with concrete.

Wonder who had the pleasure of the contents Jim.

The steel rim on the barrel is what makes it structurally sound. Potatoe barrels had wood ones.

Yes, I could think of much better uses for it, such as refinishing it and using it to store the fishing poles in. :wink:

Yes, you can see where they dumped it in against the beam and over the barrel.

I had the same mindset, I almost voted for #9 but the compression on the beam in # 12 sealed my vote.

See… these things really can be educational! It also gives the newer members a glimpse of what they can look forward to, given enough time.

I wonder how many just skim through and pick a pic that just “looks cool”?

And we have a winner. #9 submitted by Mr. Wayne Cole.
Congratulations Wayne, you will be listed as the winner for January which was an empty slot.

Thank you everyone and we will now start accepting Nominations for Defect Pictures over on this thread here;

Your participation would be appreciated. :):smiley: