Requesting Best Defect Pictures for April

The Poll ends for the Feburary Defect Pictures on Thursday, so we are now accepting nominations for best defect pictures for April.

The selected topic for April is;

4. Foundation-Basement, crawlspaces, defects, IE massive cracks, water intrusion, failure, etc. 3.3

The first 15 entries for the best Defect Award for the Selected Topic, will be chosen to run in the Poll for the month.
Your Best Defect Picture should be original from the poster and taken within the past Year from this date.

Winners of each month will compete in a Poll and at the end of the Year, a Poll will be run for the 12 best defects for a Cash Prize or equivalent for the Award.

Only 1 defect pictures will be selected to participate in the Poll from each Member.

**Thank you for participating. :slight_smile:

House was sagging about three inches in this corner. Lots of other cracks in foundation. He still bought the house!!!

I will be able to submit a picture every month from this house!!!

This small ranch has all four walls cracked this bad. One measured about 2 inches out of level. This one is below a supporting beam. The picture looks “fish eye”, its not.

About a 125 year old home.
Prison Break!

Large section of stone foundation caved in.

what happened to March…

Take your pick… my first and only “real” mold test. Foreclosure, terminated utilities, including power to the sump pump in this beaturful 2500 sq ft wandering ranch in the countryside. Full Finshed basement!




Nothing a little paint would fix lolol:shock:

One of the many issues found in the crawlspace of my church.

This is a stairwell from the garage to the basement. Notice the lower missing and crumbling concrete blocks! Not to mention- No handrail, No Fire door at bottom, No light and about 10 other deficiencies!

Great Pictures any others would be appreciated .

Good pictures guys, keep it up until we get 15.


Those are some overwhelming photos, but I’m not sure they fit the catagories. Could Marcel clarify for us, is the catagory Foundations (e.g. basement, crawlspaces, slabs) or is it basements(anything in a basement), crawlspaces(anything in a crawl), etc.?

Anything pertaining to basements and crawlspaces. :slight_smile:

Cool, Thanks.

HOLY crap…I never knew how good I had it! Thanks keep posting…makes me feel better everyday!

Glad we made you feel better Russ. :):wink:

Crawl spaces and basements aren’t always easy.

Great pics, just for the record the other defect post listed is my error and my sincere apologies to everyone for any confusion

just a lil movement here…

Interesting photo Robert, never seen horizontal displacement in that direction before.
Any idea what caused it?:slight_smile: