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They paved around this heatpump, go figure…
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Rafters? We don’t need no stinking rafters. (or clearance)
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4x4 floor joists cut and spliced with 2x4’s with a gap in between
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“There used to be a moisture problem… Wait!, you’re going under there?”

Not that unusual, it was just funny the way the guy said it.
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Make sure you walk through the middle of the kitchen - the house might tip over.
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Everyone knows for proper support you need Campbell Soup Chunky style
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What do you mean the gas meters is a bad location?
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I’m not sure if this structure is meant to support a sod farm…
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**“Uh, Mr. Inspectorman, we’ve had a slight set-back since you were here last”! **

(And no, Mr. Inspectorman was not advised of any “change orders” prior to arrival)!
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Dont you think we would see stains in the ceiling if the roof leaked?
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Homeowner… I don’t know how it happened but the whole dam roof cracked
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Yes, I lifted the rug. But only because I felt a slight depression in the floor.
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there is a main electrical shut off under this waterfall
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They were going to install a big beautiful picture window, so they cut out the framing, left the brick in place & were ready to receive the window.

When the window arrived & it was the wrong size. So they just framed up the hole & stuck a clock on the brick, put an awesome antique train in at the bottom & called it a day.
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Sure wish I had a better pic. This plastic tube ran from the condensate drainage pump up to and friction fit on to a half inch cpvc pipe. that cpvc pipe was jammed into another plastic tube and attached to copper tubing and then they even put in a small trap before heading back up to another connector about a couple inches long and the other end was fit over a threaded six inch nipple which was screwed into a drilled and threaded hole in the existing drain pipe. I thought it was a rather clever mickey mouse setup and since it was drainage and obviously low pressure, I did not make much of a stink about it but pointed it out as a rather unorthadox setup
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A true can light. Is this IC rated?:grin:
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The new weep hole sprinkler system
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Marcell, this month has some really good stuff. Some of theese are Just Wrong…hahaha simply amazing what some people do. Don’t they look back at their work and say WTF did I do? or do they look back and say, Boy that looks great honey. haha


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