Best Defect Picture Poll # 1 for May

Due to the volume of excellent Defect photos, I will be running more than one poll for this month so we can encapulate all the pictures and choose one winner on the last poll.

So please vote on this one and continue to submitt pictures on the May nominations thread.


Brand new home, certificate of occupancy sign off by AHJ. Builders realtors tried to talk them out of a home inspection. We get down into single digits in winter time. Closing following day after inspection. No insulation insulation in attic!!!:roll:
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Double tap with 12 gauge and 8 gauge wires from a 60 amp breaker. This ran to the central air and the electric stove
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No explanation needed
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The streets weren’t the only thing that flooded last night. :shock:
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…all areas of exterior in general in poor condition…exterior vent too near roof line and siding of structure…

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A wood stove pipe attempt :shock::
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Here’s a new way to ground your light fixture. Just run the ground wire to a screw in the ceiling. :mrgreen:
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Who needs clean appliances :roll:
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Stay tuned for Poll #2 for the rest of the Defects. :slight_smile:

Come on guys, surely more than six people can vote on 8 pics. :slight_smile:

Wow Marcel, what a tough choice. Some really “not-so-great” pictures!

I chose #2, and I’m guessing the installer chose this logic. “Well the stove needs 40, and the AC needs 20, so 60 amps it is!”

Sorry to disappoint you, but there are more that were submitted, just to many to Poll all at once.
I would suggest that you vote for the best of the not so great and vote again on the second Poll later on for maybe better ones.

You can also add some of your own best Defect picture here;

and compete with the others. :):wink:

Well, we have a tie, can someone break it by voting?:slight_smile:

This Poll closes tomorrow night, so get your votes in.
And you can post more Defect Pictures Here.

So after you have all taken the Mothers out to eat, Vote. :wink:

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mothers out there. Have a good Day. :slight_smile:

who you calling a mother?

Good think youse not uh “Trucker”! :shock::mrgreen:

What, what, what, did I forget a word or something? :mrgreen::wink:

just pulling Your leg partner…

I see we have a tie between #2 & #7 for second place, either of which can give #3 a run for it’s money.

Get your vote in, and let’s see who the deserving winner will be !!!


Why wait ???

You’re here now. It’s already been a week and you haven’t voted yet.

Vote now before you get too busy and forget again.

Just sayin’ !!! :wink:

True, but everyone needs a full stomack and all the Mothers Happy first.
Then they vote, so OK

Vote. :):wink:

Congratulations to Peter Russel for the win of Best Defect Pictures Part One for May.

Stay tuned tomorrow night for May Part two submissions.

Thanks to all for the participation. :slight_smile:

Congrats Pete!

Thanks Marcel and Jeff, and to everyone who voted!!!