Poll for Best Defect Picture Feburary

I am good at messing things up with polls.

Choose your picture here;.


Please take a few minutes to Vote. :slight_smile:


Small child’s (basement apartment) bedroom…

From house stove vent into garage.

Looking up the chimney flue from a wood burning fireplace, (from last Friday)
So many problems…
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This bedroom was used for a kennel…



Flue for the HWT not going to vent well when the chimney is an old clay tile more than 35 feet up.
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We don’t know why our fire alarms do not work. The fire department installed new ones because they could not figure out what was wrong either.



Time to repaint the tub again Ma



When space is limited just put half the water heater in the attic. Keep in mind we get a little cold here once in awhile!



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Thanks Marcel! :slight_smile:

I realize that the Month is deceiving, but this is a make-month and hope all will vote and participate.

I will start asking for Nominations for April and hopefully without my errors in posting, it will last at least 3 weeks.

So please make an effort to vote for the Best Picture for February.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Looks like a tie between 10 and 11. Come on now, vote.

Only 17 people interested?:slight_smile:

Agree that # 10 and # 11 are awesome pictures. Can we vote for more than 1 ? :slight_smile:

I like 12, awesome action shot! LOL.

Yes, that is a good one too Kathleen. Not to often we catch the water droplets or flow in the picture.
I don’t think this was Mr. Kleen’s House either. :):wink:

Yeah no kidding Marcel, eek! My cleaning muscles aren’t even twitching on this one, wouldn’t want to be near it tbf.
The water flowing leaves no doubt in your mind where the water problem stems from!

And based on 2 sq.ft. area, I can just imagine what the rest of this shaq looks like and the report that had to be made. :slight_smile:


Oh god, I’m glad I wasn’t there!

I’d be curious to find out from the Poster of that picture. Maybe he will chime in. :slight_smile:

Hard to choose, lots of interesting Pictures.

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Marcel, thank you for taking the time to give us all a little entertainment

I voted for my self, after looking further, it is not the best. Can I change my vote?!!

No problem Mark, much rather see entertainment and learning than I would other things around here. :):wink:

I just hope to get more players. :slight_smile:

And Martin, sorry, but can’t vote twice:mrgreen:

for those with a little spare time today, a vote would be appreciated.:slight_smile:

Any more votes? :slight_smile: