Best electrical book?

I was wondering whats the best electrical book out there for H.I? I have some electrical books, but their geared more for remodeling and so forth.

I want something that will give examples of whats the right way and wrong way,mistakes to watch out for, with pics also. What we should look for…etc

If you could also supply a link for anything you recommend would be greatly appreciated.


Electrical Inspections of Existing Dwellings by Doug Hansen/Redwood Kardon & Mike Casey.

This is an older link.

I agree. Every inspector should have this book.

Another good one I found is from Mike Holt;

Got two of his books and are excellent reference to further education to help in understanding electrical.

Marcel :):smiley:

Get as many past NEC code handbooks books as you can. Ebay is a great resource. I find it very helpful when dealing with buyer’s, contractors and sellers to have an idea when the codes have changed, cause they are constantly changing. I inspect to the age the home was built and recommend appropriate safety upgrades.

Thanks for the info everyone.I will check these books out, the more info the better. I also just went out and bought some service conductors samples that way I know what Im inspecting. Lots of great info guys.


I also recommend going to you local community college’s library. I’ve found alot of info there on construction, electrical, HV/AC, roofing, residental, commercial etc… you don’t need to be a student just a resident to get a library card. You can check out there bookstore too depending on what courses they offer you can pick up used text books.

I keep code check electrical close by… have several prior pubs too. As a matter of fact, I think I have a 12" or more stack of just Code Check pubs.

Wiring simplified is a good find for under $20

Will look at the others people have mentioned too.

Another book I feel is very valuable to the HI starting to learn Electrical Codes and how they are applied is the book by Charles Miller…Illustrated Guide to the National Electrical Code.

This book is WONDERFUL in that it not only explains many code issues but the graphics are rather nice as well.

Do not fool yourself…many say they are not code officials and do not need to learn codes…what you have to understand is learning codes aid in building a foundation as to why something is a safety hazard to which HI’s are looking for…learn to not quote code…while learning to understand code as a basis for calling out safety concerns…get as many books as possible as I know myself I have hundreds of them I use when consulting.