Linemans gloves

How many of you wear lineman’s gloves while inspecting a panel?

Just thinking about getting a pair last night. Recommendations anybody?

I would, but I don’t think I’ll ever have to block a noseguard while doing an inspection.:mrgreen:

Not me
Roy sr

I wear a pair of calfskin work gloves.

It is cheaper to buy something that is a dielectric to stand on that a set of gloves



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Not on your life. :wink:

There are different ratings for ‘linemans gloves’. The lowest being 1000v. The rubber is much thinner than higher voltage gloves so they’re easier to work with, but the rubber (which gives the gloves there dielectric strength, needs to be protected when stored and when used. When using, a lineman will wear a pair of leather gloves (gaunlets)on top. We use to have to exchange our low voltage and our high voltage gloves for a newly tested pair every six months in my past work as a lineman.
The kind of work home inspectors do, in my opinion doesn’t warrant the use of gloves. Trust me, you’ll hate wearing them. Tool usage is very hard to get use to and when removing a cover you’re much more likely to have an accident (dropping the cover into the panel and creating a nice arc blast, for instance) when wearing gloves. Why would you consider wearing gloves? Are you working in the panel? For just removing the cover and looking inside I don’t know how a pair of 1000 volt gloves could do anything but hinder. If you’re nervous about the cover being electrified check it with a volt pen first, but be aware of your pens sensitivity to static and just a nearby wire.
In my opinion it would be very hard to electrocuted when removing a 120/240 volt panel cover if you’re wearing a good pair of boots and not in contact with any other path to ground. Let’s say even if there was a hot wire touching the inside of the cover and you didn’t test it first, you could touch that panel cover with both hands without even knowing it was hot. It isn’t until you provide a path to ground that you get current flow (hand to foot if not wearing a good pair of boots, or hand to hand if your other hand is touching something that provides a path) You’re much more likely to have an eye injury from arc blast when removing a cover and inspecting a panel so wear safety glasses and you’ll be fine.

good point james. i’m training a new guy and was deminstaiting this to him. i was changing a wired smoke detector while hot (save it safety guys:mrgreen: ), and i held onto the hot while he cringed in disbelief that i wasn’t getting zapped. then i explained it much the way you did. i also explained that getting zapped by the hot to ground or neutral is different than if you grab both wires from a light switch (just pulling the load of the light). i still don’t think he gets it. so i told him “you’ll know if you get bit, your elbos and balls will tingle”. well mine do anyway.:mrgreen: :roll:


Thank you for your post. The laws of physics do not change – Voltage rated gloves not required…

Watch your shoes and what you are standing on — If it is wet - don’t

Yes, eye protection – and that should be on the head all through the whole inspection esp in the crawl spaces and the attic


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Thats funny RR. :mrgreen: i like elbows too.:wink:

I were 00 gloves( are rated at 500V) with a calf skin leather glove. I always check with my "tick " tester first.

Anyone who says this is a hinderence is nuts!

All we do is pull the interior cover and look at the panel. I do not think that pulling the interior cover of an electrical panel is all that dangerous, but…

Always were your safety glasses and always were some gloves!! Some nice boots also help.


It’s true that you may grab a “hot” wire at 13,800 volts and not be shocked, but if you make the smallest mistake… You are toast!!

Do me a favore and were your PPE.:smiley:

Here is the problem with PPE



True need

Remember that Joe home owner should be able to turn on breakers on the master breaker box that have been turned off

These are just like a wall switch


True, but how many Home Owners open the interior cover?

It is only my oppinion and what I do to stay safe. To each his own.:smiley:

I think it’s a great idea and I definitely need to start protecting myself better. Yesterdays inspection presented me with a sub panel that had me shaking in my rockports. I was praying while putting the cover back on ( I know, some of you think removing the cover is something that should be done by a licensed electrician only) but what’s a guy to do?

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And speaking of gloves, I don’t know how often I get little cuts and scrapes on my hands while inspecting different things in the home. One time I was inspecting a sump well and scratched the cuticle on my thumb which got infected, you know what goes on in those wells during building don’t you? Anyway I purchased latex gloves and tomorrows inspection will be conducted with those on for sure.

Cover those with some nice and soft leather gloves.:smiley:

again JMO

Nice and soft leather gloves? I think it would be difficult to take pictures and enter info. into the palm pilot with leather gloves.

Don’t be silly:roll:
If you need some pics, you can take the damn gloves off while the panel is open.:wink:

Look at it this way… It is kind of a bitch to take the cover off with these darn gloves… Covers off… see anything??

Take a pic , put your gloves back on and you are here anouther day.:smiley:

again JMO

The real threat is arc flash and no gloves will save you from that. I ware a good set of shades and I use some gloves, it’s no big deal but it could save your ***. Why take the chance?