Opening Electrical Panels / what kind of gloves do you use?

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I read through some of the past postings and literature regarding protection during opening panels.

What are the best gloves to wear???? please post any links if you have any good sites to purchase from.

Does anyone wear a face shield for protection of sparks? I know this may be overkill, but you can't be too safe.....

Are there any inspectors out there that have been bit, even following all of the correct safety procedures?????

Just curious...........
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wearing jewelry of any sort when I approach a panel. I take the back of my right hand and just barely tap the cover of the panel. If there’s something wrong inside this panel, you’ll find out when tapping it. I then continue my panel inspection by removing the cover very carefully (especially the fused panels).

No...I do not wear a face shield either. Why? ![](upload://aknpuDfhccrZKRyjQTQQ4l0sais.gif)

As far as being bit, I received minor sparks one day. I was tucking in a 12 gauge wire that was in my way of placing the cover back on and "ZZZAP", sparks flew out of the panel. Scared the crap out of me but I recovered. The wire had a nicked insulation cover which touched the cover as I was placing it onto the panel.

I'm sure you'll get many different opinions here as to the safety of approaching panels, but my personal work habits are pretty basic.

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For better or worse, my methods are similar to Davids. The worst i run into are the Federal Pacific panels. Around here, they are pretty common. I’ve had 8 unit buildings with them all lined up waiting for me. I’ve had a FP breaker jump at me after removing a spring loaded cover. I also tap them with the back of my right hand prior to removing the cover. As bad as any of my experiences was when i removed a cover of what appeared to be a 10-15 yr. old panel and there were 2 hot wires staring back at me. They couldn’t have been more than an inch from the back of the cover. I showed the homeowner who happened to be standind behind me with my client. I explained to him that i would not be replacing the cover and that this was, and why it was a situation requiring a LICENSED electrician IMMEDIATELY. Anyway, this is a good illustration why you really need to take advantage of any protective wear available.

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