Best Inspection Software / Reasonable Price

Who has the best inspection software at a reasonable price?:mrgreen:

Depends upon what you are looking for. Do you want software you can use AS you are doing your inspection and mostly be done or one you use sitting down later in the evening to help create your report ?

Home Inspector Pro is the best and a new version beta was just released today.
Having fun with it.
I have gotten so many inspections thanks to the look of the reports.

Try Inspect Vue from Porter Valley software.

If you want low cost try report host. They give you the first 15 free.

They look snazzy :slight_smile:

Homegauge is the easiest to learn and the best.:p:mrgreen:

Already number one HIP has separated from the pack with his new version.
I will bring it to Vegas for the Inspection Conference to show off to the couple of guys still using the older school software here if they show up.

Stand still and you die .

Bob if we have HIP do we get to upgrade?

If you bought it within 6 mo’s it is free for sure ,though right now it is early Beta.
Cool features but still needs tuning.

I can drag out picture size in edit and add full illustrations as of now.:):):slight_smile:
This means making a picture full page or 3 across.Oh yeah baby!!!
Also have a RSS type version of HIP with all the latest news and educational tips right on my landing page in program which is optional.

Also have a sort of Tag system to find comments fast I am trying next.
Individual section font control,etc :):):slight_smile:

Big upgrades,HIP rocks but hang tight and ask The Dom.

Sounds like HG. :smiley:

You wish.:mrgreen:
I may start calling it by its new nick name. (BLACKBERRY)

“The Dom” will be at our Florida InterNACHI conference! You can ask him all about his awesome software there.

thanks for the info Bob

Who’s using what 'ware for their intelligence gathering and management?

Condo Bob, you are a prime candidate to answer, please sir.

Yeah you Florida guys should love it because it has a sketch option to build diagrams anywhere in the report at any size.

That seems to be working pretty good on my test drive.

In Florida I use a full windows tablet for getting signatures on 1802 forms

me 2

Sorry I missed this Pete.
I use my camera for all notes.
Pictures tell 1,000 words and thanks to modern time stamps, protect me from liability more that once so far.

Pocket HomeGauge

A cheap way to write home inspection reports is to use Microsoft Word. It is a super powerful program. Remember people have been using it to make reports for 20+ years. With the newer versions 2010-2013 it has great interactive functionality as well.

I developed a template that I sell. One low price and it is yours forever.

Link to Video:

Link to Website:!home-inspection-report-software/c23ie