Software for inspections

what software do you guys recommend and what is popular or easy to use. I tried InterNACHI software but cant seem to download anything. any suggestions?

I recommended Home Inspector Pro. Easy to use, comes loaded with templates, or easy to set up your own, great editing options, great support, and more…

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I cannot agree more then inspector Fudge has already recommended.
I found that HIP is the most easiest to use and makes a great looking report.


HIP is very good but i find it a bit limiting. I have been using it for 2 years and go back an forth between HIP and Palm Tech.
Palm tech seems a bit more professional in the end with a bit more of a polished looking report.

Just my 2 cents.

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Welcome back to our forum, Glenn…enjoy!

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Like I said before, if I was starting out, I would use Jeff Pope’s decades of experience, as a CMI, producing his software:

Seems like we repeat these software post at least 5 times a week! :smiley:

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LOL! LOL! LOL! That’s a big 10-4

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But what if I’m looking for the BEST and fastest software? That’s a different question. Should I create a new topic thread for that one? :joy:

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Go for it! Let’s see the replies! :rofl: What program do you use?

I have been on this topic a couple of times. When my software crashed last weekend and could get no support I downloaded Spectora trial. Have been tweaking it for a week after that first inspection. I have to say that I like it. Got an instant reply from client agent saying “great report!” Which I have to agree with. I have 4 more free reports to decide. I like that there are templates for wind mit and 4 points. And you can do them simultaneously so definitely a plus. Will give that a road test Monday. Teyinn to practice with it now. So easy to edit is one of the main attributes. And support so far is phenomenal. It is a little less comprehensive than the Axium software but report a little easier to read. Right now leaning towards making the switch permanent. Does all the things that ISN does as well.

As to speed it is very fast. No waiting as once you load the inspection you don’t need internet until you send it.

And it works great with Mac, which seems to be a problem for some with HIP and HG.