Man! It's Hot!

And warmer temperatures are forcast over the next few days. . .


70 degrees with a nice breeze here in IL

Same here :wink: We feel for you Jeff lol

How did you get your truck up into that attic?

That would be our temp After the sun goes down.

I wish we had temps like that here!

65 and cool in WI.

Someone call Al Gore and ask him what happened to global warming!

This is the coolest summer in around 50 years.
Screws up lots of swimming plans.

I knew one of you AZ boys would be chiming in :wink:

You got that right Condo Dude. I’ve been in my pool twice this year. Oh well I had a downtown condo and a home in your neighborhood today.

Very nice here for a change. Low humidity and cool :cool: tonight …50s and mid 80s tomorrow. I’m sure the dog days of summer will return soon:twisted:

69 here right now and comfortable.

Jeff, I think your wish to be there was your command, so I feel for you and are always welcome to Maine. ;):slight_smile:

Perfect in TN as always

I don’t understand what this fuss is all about…it was 70 degrees here today, and will be again tomorrow.

Just another boringly perfect day…it’s like this all summer long–every summer.

I can’t wait for winter when we can get some temps as low as…oh, I guess 30 degrees sometime…

Every year the same old thing…70 -75 in the summer–45 - 50 in the winter…and the sun always shines (except at night, of course. Then we have light rains from midnight to 4am–great for the gardens.)

Jae the only reason you have perfect weather up there is TN shares our good fortune lol

On the flip side my California friend. I remember just this last winter getting out of the SUV for an inspection and the gauge read -25 degrees below zero. No that was not the wind chill factor which I am sure was -35 or worse. I swore I would not complain this summer. By the way 3 days of 70 degree weather. Sweeeeeet!:wink:

I’ll take the heat over cold, any day.

Pretty warm here too. Still morning.


It has been cool around here. Yesterday I was wondering if I should put on a jacket when I walked outside in the morning.

Heating and cooling companies around here were already hurting. This mild summer is not helping them at all.

Hot hot hot!
Attic last week was 53.7 C. or about 129 F.
980 s.f. black asphalt (2 years old) no gable ends 2 passive roof vents
and minimal soffit venting.
only old paperbacked insulation.
time spent in there ten minutes twice.

T.Neyedli CHI
BPCPA #47827