B Dry installed their interior system here...

got milk? #-o

Yup, B Dork’s sold and installed an interior system here, in NC, to previous owner and then they put paneling up against wall(s)…and so umm duuuuh, since B Dry did NOT correctly identify where the water was actually entering (nor did they stop it), mold began growing on duh wall(s) ](,)](,)](,)](,)](*,)


And umm oh, basement still leaks, new/recent homeowner has to pay to fix all the actual problems! ](,)](,)](,)](,)](*,)
Have talked with the homeowner :wink:
Her recent video… did a WATER TEST with a hose, ran water from ground level down only in this area… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0A92VlHs6S4
She did call B Dork water-dorking back out since they had that SO CALLED lifetime warranty blshttt, loooool, , they put a flexible membrane on the inside wall… looooooooooooooooooooooooooooool! I D I O T Z Z Z!

So, this is who ‘some’ HI’s and realtors and home improvement talk show radio hosts highly recommend huh… its a friggn joke baby!

Eh, i have a pair of golden nuggets for sale, only 2.99 per nugget and offer a lifetime warranty on each… got that?

I never recommend any contractor and always recommend water issues be fixed on the outside, that system is a bandage not a fix.

Your a good man, not leading your clients into the land of ‘make-believe’ waterproofing! :wink:
Cannot say that about some other home inspectors, realtors etc.

Here’s another home where, apparently, another B Dry system was installed, pretty much same problems (the usual bs)

Know how many other people have MOLD etc BEHIND the crap these inside system companies place against the basement walls?
Or where homeowners put paneling/drywall against basement walls after these bimbos installed their junk.

Unless a basement wall has NO paneling/drywall etc up, and some of these inside system turds can see the wall, like a poured wall with 1+ leaky rod holes then, most homeowners are getting lied-to, bs’d… they sure are!

Back to short video just posted… umm, looool, the problem with the company doing the video is, they’re just ANOTHER interior basement system company!!! looooooooooooooooooooooool
They are putting in another inside system which will NOT fix/waterproof the homeowners ACTUAL problems, sheesus K man!

This happens… a lot. One interior system company installs their sht and then, somewhere down the road when the homeowner WAKES UP and notices they still leak, have mold etc, they call ANOTHER friggin inside company, UN-------------be------------lievable incompetence!

Duh Land of Make Believe, M Blues/Contact
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JrI66PIYJNA … ‘we’re living in a waterproofing land of make believe, and trying not to let it show’… Jodi, got milk?

You must have had a very bad experience with a waterproofing contractor.

LOL had several so called water proofing experiences around here. Why not fix it right in the first place

Mark is a waterproofing contractor. I do believe one of the best… Roy

do a search and read some of his many posts

I’ve seen his posts. They’re all pretty much the same.

lool aww, so sorry.
One minute Bubba had a bad experience with a waterproofing contractor and the next, has seen Bubba’s posts and they’re pretty much the same #-o#-o#-o

Is Mr R is a, ‘raise and slope the grade will fix most leaky basements’ kind of HI.

Not many basements in CA.

:roll: thanks for that.

Was simply asking, generally speaking… some HI’s are freakin lost when it comes to leaky basements and ummm, many tell homeowners to solve their problem they can raise and slope DUUUUUH grade.

Internachi certified foundation inspector… so should homeowners who have cracks in a foundation wall, leaks, bowed wall, call an HI or call an honest-experienced foundation-waterproofing contractor :-k

By the way, the homeowner/flickr photos and video, hired a nachi inspector.
She wasn’t happy with his mold gimmick, told him ‘night-night’ :-k :mrgreen:.

Maybe she’ll find her way on here and explain.

Plenty of us have avoided the mold gimmick Mark.

I just can’t do that to my clients.

Keep up the good work. :smiley:

I’ve built plenty of basements in Utah. The only way to “fix” it is to bite the bullet, dig the perimeter, and do it right. Like should have been done to begin with. Call a reputable contractor.


Wish i could make these posts more interesting but its pretty much one lone subject.

So who are you trying to educate?

Got a 203K coming up and I already got the waterproofing contractor bid.


Cut trench around interior perimeter of basement
Install perforated tube
Fill with gravel
Provide 2 sump baskets
Run sump discharge to rear of home
Fill floor trench with 2" of concrete, smooth to finish


Basement dry Waterproofing Inc

They will be there 3 days, 3- $25 an hour guys $1800.00
Materials $800.00
Sales commission $1500.00

$4100.00 X 3.0 markup= $12,300.00 Not bad!

have you tried singing and dancing on You Tube Bubbanator?

that’s a crying shame and the foundation will continue to deteriorate :roll:

Exactly water is the strongest solvent in the world.

Look at the grand canyon that happened one drop at a time .