Better business bureau, folla the yellowbrick road...

errr, follow the BBB bouncing links, same owners with at least 4 different names for company… basement waterproofing in Ohio-land

First is Mid-Ohio basement solutions, duh BBB shows zero complaints here/on this link
Business management R Atkins and T Liotta, and just under that 3 more links/company names for them–there-boyz

Here’s their Ultra Dry basement waterproofing report, BBB here shows 11 complaints… hmmmm
Biz management, Adkins & Liotta… got milk?

Same 2 owners, this one titled, Basement Pros

Same owner-Adkins, company name is Deck Tecks/All Pro waterproofing

At least 4 diff company names, ummm not just a tad deceptive?

So if/when these 2 owners/salespeeps submit bids to homeowners with the Mid Ohio basement solutions name and a homeowner googles that name they’ll likely only see, zero complaints because that is what duh BBB shows

Ohio again, Ohio attorney general sues Basement waterproofing contractor…
And below is BBB link, record of the-Waynester aka Basement Waterproofing Solutions, they show 2 complaints…
ummm, that’s less than 11 complaints, least in my old head

Here’s another inside system company, 2 names… Ohio State Home Services, 365 Highland Macedonia…
BBB terds show 30 customer complaints

Then the BBB has same company and address 365 Highland called Ohio State Waterproofing, zero complaints

So the BBB is either incompetent slow sobs, not on the same page or, if a business PAYS the BBB for additional name(s) and then they’ll try and cover some-tracks and list NO complaints on additional PAID listing.

And again, loooollll, ATT General sues the Waynester who supposedly had 2 complaints BUTT, they leave the big/bigger inside system companies alone who have many more complaints

Hmmm, Everdry waterproofing in Hilliard Ohio, if you click the link then scroll down a tad and click… complaint resolution log (I got a log or 2 for these chumps)
complaint dated 11/23/2015
…lol, real PROFESSIONAL!
Allow Uncle Bubba to paraphrase the complaint…
Everdry gave us a quote, then we wanted to cancel… too much money.
They said they would have to send a sales-rep back to have us sign cancelation paperwork.
Duh sales rep brought another sales terd guy who we felt was pushing us around.
They finally brought down the cost and we bit again/signed.
…I noticed they were NOT digging very deep (outside)

They came inside and started j-hammering the floor, no tarp, dust everywhere etc
At the end of job the foreman walked through it all telling us how good it looks then went upstairs to wrap up duh paperwork.
Then he had us fill out a survey. (that is a mistake people, they want you homeowners to fill out their stupid survey and give them high marks, good comments etc so that it’ll be that much more difficult to SUE them, after/since YOU filled out a survey stating their work looks good etc etc, don’t be such a wimp azz homeowner)

complaint dated 9/21/2015
I signed a contract wiff Everdorks cuz my basement was leaking, lol.
A month after the work was completed, I called them because it leaked in 3 places.
I was told to keep my GUTTERS clean. looolll
Then it leaked again, and again etc.

complaint dated 9/9/2015
Paid Neverdry $12,000 which included an AIR FILTRATION SYSTEM loooollll
They came back a 3rd time cuz we still leaked.
At the current time, mildew and mold are still building up on the basement wall indicating that the air filtration system is not working (EZ Breathe mold deep down into your lungs)

Not quite… the mold and mildew that is still present is at least in-part due to water that continues to enter the basement wall through exterior cracks in wall or other exterior openings they did not repair/waterproof
Something like this, as in photos below click any photo to enlarge
Sometimes these interior system bubbleheads place a partial, or full, sheeting over the wall(s) in order to HIDE further mold, efflorescence etc, yep… dang skippy.

Photos above, an interior system was installed, deceptive sales practices and obviously a system that did not stop the water from where it’s still entering!!!
There’s mold and more efflorescence on ALL walls, right where they put the stupid azz nine system in, paid over $15,000 for this shtt!!!

Back to he complaint where the homeowner originally wanted to cancel.
Ya know man, looooll, this is just another ploy by these inside system terds to get you people to sign!
When/if anyone wants to cancel a signed proposal from Uncle Milkman, all they have to do is call!!! lol
Just call and say something like, Marky… we don’t want your old azz doing the work etc etc.
There’s NO coming back out and bringing another sales-terd and signing cancelation-paperwork!!!
The inside system sales butt-cracks do that so they get at least 1 last chance to fk you outta yer money.

ABC News investigation on the Better Business Bureau

1:35 yet the BBB gives him an ‘F’…
Ritz Carlton in Boston…2 complaints, an ‘F’
Disneyland…had given them an ‘F’ and then bloggers questioned that grade and then duh BBB changed it to an ‘A’.
PAY and get an ‘A’ or face the prospect of an ‘F’
5:20…the BBB gave HAMAS an ‘A-’… loooollllll

Duh shttball loser-bureau CNN investigates the terds

Attorney General on the Better Biz-dkkks bureau
The BBB is STILL fkg around and screwing over homeowners for the betterment of some paid members
The Better Business Bureau continues it’s own DECEPTIVE business practices, sobs

George Carlin on Dogs
Life is… a series of dogs.
If you shop around a little bit you can find a dog that looks identical to your former dog and that’s real handy cuz you don’t have to change the pictures on your mirror’s or anything.
George had a dog named TIPPY and Tippy was the only dog he had that committed suicide.
She ran out in front of a MILK truck…and that’s the way it is in our family, if you wanna commit suicide, we back you up.

Folla duh Yellowbrick road with interior system butt-cracks and the BBB to Neverland Ranch … folla folla folla folla, folla the scamming yellowbrick road!