Beware XM Radio and...

don’t give them your credit card number. I cancelled my service last November 30th and they started taking money out of my account again. I wrecked my truck in october. They said they would not refund my money, but they would give me 2 free months of service. I told them* no longer have the truck or radio, and they said that was all they could do. So beware of XM Radio!*

When you started with them, did you have to sign up with a time commitment? Did you then need to cut that short because you no longer had your truck and they wouldn’t let you out of the agreement?

Just wondering how it went down.

I haven’t used XM radio.

Yes, XM requires a “time commitment.” The longer your commitment, the lower your monthly rate will be.

I use XM radio and XM traffic - love it. . .

No time commitment or signed contract, everything was set up over the phone. it was not even automatic withdrawal, I called in every month for over a year to pay the bill. They said my credit card number was my signature. They assured me the service was cancelled on 11/30/2006. My wife checked the account to make sure in 1/07 and 2/07, then in april my account statement came, and it showed where they took out 2 amounts on 3/24/07. 1 for 12/06 and 1/07 thru 3/07. They actually charged me twice for 1/07. Mr. Pope is wrong on this one, I have no reason to make this up.

Love my XM…got in the wifes new car and on my SmartPhone…so when I am traveling doing seminars I got XM on my phone at no additional charge.

Not sure about your situation Kenneth…but in my case we had to commit to a 24 month deal to get the price we have.

Even the basic month-to-month plan requires a three month “start-up” commitment. . .

I’m sorry you feel slighted Kevin. I hope you find some resolution.

It does not require a commitment if you walk into a truck stop and purchase one the way I did.

I never said I did not enjoy the service when I had it Paul.

Still no resolution with XM radio, they are not to be trusted. Don’t give them your cc number.

slightly off subject…SIRIUS gets my $$$.

i dont even listen to a minute of terrestrial radio anymore.
i’ve removed a couple of recievers from my plan b4…not 1 single issue.

More information so they know who we are talking about.

So Kenneth give us ( me ) their email address and if I and others end them a email they just might to the idea to treat NACHI members properly or I and others just might never consider going with their system if is the way they treat one of our members .

I would call my credit card company and file a complaint with them. Let them know that you canceled the subscription on such and such a date. Didn’t get any more charges for 2 months (thus confirming the cancelation), then all of a sudden got these additional anapproved charges. OH…Have that card replaced with a new one with a new number.


XM Rocks.

I was at my bank when I tried to get this resolved, the bank Ga.Federal Teachers Credit Union, said that even if I got a new card, Xm Radio could still do a force payment and get the money, I am going back to the CU today to fight some more.

Thanks for your support Roy, I will get you that e-mail address when I return from the CU later. I was hoping for some support on this issue, it is the only chance a small guy has. Unfortunately, instead of support some members choose to air commercials for the perp, I will remember this. But come to think of it, I’m not surprised.

Should’nt you go vote, the election is next year!