Big Screen TV

Can any one tell me what to look for in the new big screen tv s? Theres a million of them out there.

Try this:

Thanks Christopher
I have a lot of reading to do.

The March Consumer Reports just came out with 101 TV ratings.

Reading that one now thanks


I spent about a month doing research and went with the Samsung 40"\

A good place to do comparisons is Whatever model you decide, let me know, I can usually find excellent prices. I got mine for $800 cheaper than best buy and circuit city, plus had it delivered free from New Jersey.

I have a 50" Samsung DLP that has an amazing picture and a 32" Samsung LCD that’s not far behind it.

I didn’t need flat for my big TV since I had an alcove so I was able to get much more TV for the money than I would have with a big LCD or plasma.

One is 1080P, the other is 720P. I may be getting old, but I don’t see much of a difference. (In fact, I run the 1080P at 720P because it seems to do football games easier at that resolution.)

I am assuming you are going HD make sure it is a 1080i, anything less is yesterday’s left overs.

I use a 1080i HD projector with an 11’ screen in my theatre room…Movies and football never look so great.

The biggest thing to watch for is the quality on standard non HD channels. Costco has awesome deals on their Visio but they have crappy standard picture. That’s why they will always be showing HD content. Make sure to ask the person no matter where you go to see the standard def picture. At least for another year or two half of what you watch won’t be HD.

Thanks for all the help! I went and got a 65" DLP Toshiba. Now i have to get it down stairs and get my old 52" out.