Big Shout Out To Inspector Outlet, Nikolai & Heidi

Wanted to give Kudos to Nikolai Gromicko and Heidi Arft for helping me with a minor issue.

On February 19th, I purchased 2 of the magnetic handles to use for removing electrical panels. I shopped for them through various outlets, but decided to purchase them through Inspector Outlet to patronize our InterNACHI based supplier.

Because of my selling and buying on eBay, I’ve been accustomed to following delivery tracking. My order from Inspector Outlet was timely confirmed and processed and I was notified when it was shipped. I received a nice follow up email from Nikolai about my purchase and to let them know or share my “feelings” about the process. (I generally wait until the item is delivered and inspected.)

I followed the tracking and it was received in Atlanta’s USPS hub on February 27th. Two days later the tracking stated that is was “in transit and would be arriving later than expected.” Fast forward, for 2 weeks I checked, nothing but the same tracking info on USPS’s tracking site.

So this Monday, I replied to Nikolai’s original email and explained the situation knowing it was not any fault on their end and what were my options at this point. Within a few hours, Nikolai replied back and stated the merchandise appeared to lost in transit and that they would resend the items to me. She got Heidi involved and the following day (16th) Heidi notified me that the items had be re-shipped and provided a new tracking number.

Today, two days later, the items landed on my front porch. WOW! Talk about customer service!!!

Thank you again Nikolai and Heidi!!! :call_me_hand: :call_me_hand:


That’s a great experience, how awesome. Thanks for sharing.


Good stuff to share, Tom.

Nice job Nikolai Gromicko and Heidi Arft! :+1: