Inspector Outlet Service!

Wow! I am very impressed!

My rack card order was released to printer on Mar. 2.

Order was shipped Mar. 7.

Received order today, Mar. 9.

They did what they said they would do, from start to finish.

Great job, Nicolai Gromicko!:D:D:D:D

I agree!

Nicolai is awesome!!

Keep up the fantastic service!!!

Thanks for the compliments guys! Jessica and I have made sure that we got order processing down to a science, and we’re doing our best to get faster every day.

Kudo’s to Jessica also !!!

Yes, but if I didn’t know her, I’d be afraid to meet her in a dark alley:

I am placing an order for some magnets. What a great deal!

WOW !!!

Nick… you need to get geared up for a new project…

**“The Girls of InterNACHI” **calendars!!!

Proceeds for charity, of course! :wink:

Just a heads up, we’re working with a new supplier that will be able to make magnets that are twice as thick as the ones we currently started offering, with much better UV protection and resistance. They will end up being about $20-30 more per pair than the $60 that we currently charge, but don’t worry, if you place an order right now, we will not charge you beyond the $60 for the new magnets. We should have the ability to get them from the new supplier in the next day or two.

That rocks. I’m ordering right now.

Which magnets?

Just paid. Can’t wait to see the design!

Inspector Outlet’s vehicle magnets, located here:

We’re looking at using a different company than the one we started with, they would be providing a heavy duty magnet, 30 mil thick, with UV resistant ink and coating. The car magnet signs will not become demagnetized in the rain, they will not fade in the sun, and the ink will not wash away in the rain.

Thanks Russell! Just sent your order to Jessica.

Gotcha. At first I thought he was talking about the handled magnets for removing panel covers.

I stopped using signage magnets a few years ago. Get’s expensive replacing them. If you never remove them, they last much longer as they tend to ‘stick’. If you remove them to wash/wax your vehicle every week, they have a tendancy to fly off at high speeds.

Now I use permanant (vinyl) only. Considering switching to painted when I am 100% sure of the design I want to stay with. That’s how everyone knows I’m a Full Time inspector. The difference is night and day!

Not me I like 'em scary…and cute…she’s both :wink:

Put a 3 on her and call her ‘The Intimidator’!:cool:

Funny you should mention that, we’re also considering offering custom vinyl and window designs for vehicles, as well as wraps. I’m not sure if it will be viable yet, but I’ll know soon.

Awesome, keep us informed, although you will have a difficult time competing with my local guy. After so many years in biz, I get incredible deals (my opinion, for my area). In a small town of only 25K, we have no less than five full blown graphics companies. Makes for very competative pricing.

So, real vinyl lettering qualifies me as a full time inspector?

Yes… because you can’t go to your day job and remove it like the magnets. Your boss will see it, which may place your job in jeopardy. Many employers frown upon having two jobs. I suspect McDonalds doesn’t care, but you could prolly answer that for us! :stuck_out_tongue: :mrgreen: